1. dean123.j's Avatar
    would you have still bought an iphone if there was no internet provision on it ??
    05-18-2009 11:18 AM
  2. Leanna Lofte's Avatar
    Not for the same price.
    05-18-2009 11:22 AM
  3. tchaves's Avatar
    No. The internet makes it what it is.
    05-18-2009 11:22 AM
  4. jamesus's Avatar
    Simply no. I need the internet on my phone.
    05-18-2009 08:49 PM
  5. macnkat's Avatar
    That would be like buying a Dodge without a HEMI!
    05-18-2009 10:20 PM
  6. zhelf's Avatar
    no unless you just mean no preinstalled safari? i suppose i might if there was an app just as good. but safari is the best internet mobile browser there is it blow away anything else it gives the iphone a huge advantage over blackberries i think
    05-19-2009 01:19 AM
  7. ryanlberg's Avatar
    no it would be like buying a mustang with a V6...lame
    05-19-2009 10:32 AM
  8. patcom8's Avatar
    i would have just stayed with my blackberry. i still miss it for emails, but the internet makes it totally worth while.
    05-20-2009 10:46 PM
  9. phrint's Avatar
    Nope. Internet creates the convenience while you are out and about. One of the main features done right on the iPhone versus the competition. Any smartphone without a browser or 3g (Blackberry Curve 8900 on AT&T) is worthless.
    05-21-2009 12:22 PM
  10. phrint's Avatar
    no it would be like buying a mustang with a V6...lame
    With an automatic transmission to boot. Don't you love those v6 drivers with dual exhausts and GT badges to make the uneducated think they are driving a v8. Almost as bad are the automatic Corvette drivers.
    05-21-2009 12:23 PM
  11. JBaby_9783's Avatar
    No way!!! Once you go Internet on a phone you don't go back.
    05-22-2009 02:29 AM
  12. Tramain's Avatar
    Who knows I bought a iPhone for 600$ with no mms or app store at the moment. I think I would not of for 600$ maybe for 100-200 dollars.
    05-22-2009 04:42 AM