1. Danielle Glosser's Avatar
    When I call people they can't hear me-I've tried resetting my phone. Any other ideas?
    05-04-2009 09:53 AM
  2. Nellybelly333's Avatar
    I know this sounds obvious, but did you put the mute button on by mistake? Try making a call and check to see if the mute button is on...

    Probably not the problem, but worth a try.
    05-04-2009 09:55 AM
  3. Danielle Glosser's Avatar
    nope - any other ideas
    05-04-2009 09:57 AM
  4. Nellybelly333's Avatar
    I would set up an appointment at your local apple store...

    Sounds like you need a replacement.

    Have you done a complete restore? You will loose all your information, but I guess that is your last option. Personally, I wouldnt do it. Sounds more like hardware failure...
    05-04-2009 10:02 AM
  5. sting7k's Avatar
    Really the only options you have are reset and restore. You said a reset didn't work so try a restore; probably should do it as new.

    If that doesn't work then you will have to call Apple support or take it to a store to have it checked out. They will reset it again and restore it again to ensure you were capable of doing those yourself and then if that doesn't work they will replace it. Sorry.

    You could get a voice recorder app from the app store to test if the microphone is working, or try a voice search with Google Mobile app if you have that.
    05-04-2009 10:05 AM