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    hello my friend.
    I am a new Iphone 3G unlocked Jailbroken user.
    ast night I have downloaded an application from Cydia called iTicker Widget to check the live scores of a sports. However once the pgoram installed the phone asked me to rebooth. After i did the rebooth there is voicemail message came out, I called my voicemail , there is actually no voice mail, once I hang up the voice mail there is text message pops up on the screen and asks me to relpy. I am afraid of replying, it could be a virus or a bug and also there is an airplane logo comes up where I have the signal info on the top left corner. Please can you help me. Ii am totally new to this iphone and I need a help desperatly ;((

    THank you
    04-23-2009 11:23 PM
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    Answer was posted here:

    04-24-2009 07:55 AM