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    Hey everyone, i am brand new to the forum, and i have a few noobish questions that i want to ask about the iphone g2.

    i have been looking for iphones from private sellers to avoid the data service contract, so whether the phone is 3g or 2g or edge does not matter to me. i found an used iphone g2 for 300 dollars(unlocked and jailbroken), and i thought the price is quite affordable compared to the newer 3g iphones that cost around 400+. and i'm just wondering what are some of the major difference between the g2 and the newer 3g iphones? will my at&t sim card work in the iphone? can i update the firmware? is there any significant reasons why i should NOT get the g2? if i do update my firmware will the phone lock itself?

    also, the seller claimed that she bought the iphone brand new two months ago, and im wondering if that is believable because the g2 is released a much longer while ago.

    well, thanks in advance! yourrr help is appreciated!
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    04-21-2009 03:14 AM
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    Sorry guys, but i'm actually quite confused, does G2 mean second generation? or is it referring to the network 2G? if it mean second generation, does it also mean that it is the 3g iphone?
    04-21-2009 04:37 AM
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    I think G2 is generally a typo for 2G. Typically the 2G is referred to as 1st gen and 3G would be 2nd gen.

    I think the seller is confused and calling the 1st gen iPhone "G2". I personally wouldn't believe her if she said she bought it two months ago. I would want to ask her more questions about that.

    The 1st iPhone does not have GPS and isn't on the 3G network. Also, when 3.0 comes out this summer, the 1st gen will not be able to send/receive MMS, but the 3G will.
    04-21-2009 10:19 AM
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    thank you verrrry veryy much! that really helps.

    since i'm buying the iphone used from the private user, what are some of the things that i should check and questions that i should ask before i buy??
    04-21-2009 02:44 PM
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    Buying a first generation brand new 2 months ago doesn't sit right with me. You might want to check with the seller that it is the iPhone 3G or the first generation iPhone before you buy.
    04-21-2009 04:19 PM
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    thanks for the tip james.

    i have checked out the phone already, and it isnt the 3g iphone, but she insisted that it was the second generation iphone. so i was thinking maybe there are two generation before the 3g model? i tried to look it up on google, but still, some people are refering the 2nd generation to the 3g model, and some are refering the 2nd generation to the non 3g model.
    04-21-2009 08:34 PM
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    There have only been TWO iPhone models in existence. The first one had a metal back and was not on the 3G network, but 2G. The 2nd iPhone (named by Apple as iPhone 3G) has a black or white back, is on 3G and also has GPS.

    This chick doesn't know what the hell she's talking about. I wouldn't buy from her.
    04-21-2009 09:49 PM
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    This chick doesn't know what the hell she's talking about. I wouldn't buy from her.
    I agree. I would rather pay more and get what I want then go for the cheaper deal and get hosed.
    04-22-2009 09:50 AM