1. flalleycat's Avatar
    Upgraded to the 3G iPhone and am transferring songs and movies to the new phone. No problem with the songs . . . not so easy with videos. All movies have been converted to iPhone format and show up in iTunes video library.

    Before, I would simply open the library and drag the movies to sync on the phone to a "video" or "movie" folder (can't remember) that appeared under "Playlists". That folder isn't there any more. Where did it go? If I drag a movie and try to drop it under Playlists, it appears as music and won't play.

    On iTunes under "Video", I find my library movies listed with check box before the titles. If I click "sync movies", a box appears saying all existing songs will be removed and replaced with movies from my iTune library.

    Please . . . what am I doing wrong? Thanks for assistance! I really, really need my movies as I work night shift and it helps slow nights go faster!
    04-14-2009 11:14 PM