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  • Yes

    4 17.39%
  • Not the next one, but the one after.

    9 39.13%
  • Never, the iPhone doesn't need it!

    4 17.39%
  • Nope, jobs doesn't need a flash!

    6 26.09%
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  1. Duvi's Avatar
    I didn't say you were dumb. I'm sure you know many things I don't know. But it's clear from each post that you don't understand why the photos look different, and that "trying to be all professional" has nothing to do with anything. The comparison proved nothing about the Bold flash because the flash never reached the subject... that's what you're clearly missing.

    Don't know what else to tell you. You can read my first post again, but I'm not explaining it again.
    iMuggle is actually correct. I wasn't trying to say the flash would make it better... just saying do you think there would be a flash and if so, would it help or hurt the iPhone. The pictures were for fun, but also showed that 3.2MP doesn't necessarily mean better quality pics (it's so happened that the 8900 had a flash.)

    The subject wasn't the buildings... it was actually the whole picture (including the water which was not even a step away from my feet). It was also to show how the flash (whether good or bad) actually hurt the camera. My statement did not say "the buildings"
    04-14-2009 11:42 PM
  2. Stevie No-Wonder's Avatar
    iMuggle is actually correct.
    No, iMuggle has never been correct on this topic. Not once.

    First, he guessed incorrectly about which photo was which. Then, he said he liked the second photo better... but after finding out which was which, said that the second photo "proved the Bold flash sucks." He was then wrong about "shooting indoors making no difference," and that the photos being different "was the whole point."

    I understand your previous reply, and that you weren't trying to shoot professional photos, or as iMuggle says, being "not all technical." Everyone realizes that. But the question of whether or not we WANT a flash on the iPhone is a totally different argument that iMuggle didn't even address (at least not in his comments).

    iMuggle's whole argument is that the photos being different "proved that the Bold's flash sucked." When, in fact, the LIGHT from the flash had nothing to do with the difference. The difference in exposure was caused by having a flash TURNED ON (not going off). If the iPhone had shot the same photo with a flash "turned on" it would've resulted in the same way. So for him to say that the iPhone is better, or the Bold is worse, is just not proven (nor even compared) here.

    It's like comparing two bicycles going uphill: one in first gear, and the other in tenth gear, then iMuggle saying that the bicycle in tenth gear sucks because it's more difficult to peddle uphill. Since the second bicycle was setup to go downhill, just as the Bold was setup for a completely different setting, it proves nothing.

    Again, I'm not criticizing YOU for anything. If it was never your intent to "compare" the photos, I accept that. But iMuggle WAS comparing them, and concluding that they were "different" because one was inferior to another. So, I'm just saying HE wasn't correct. :o
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    04-15-2009 09:54 AM
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