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    I was running 2.2 and noticed last week that all my 3rd party app preferences in my settings.app have disappeared.

    I thought it was time to upgrade, so I went to 2.2.1 a couple days ago, and just noticed the same exact thing happened.

    I had settings for facebook, beejive, google, flixster etc... inside the settings app.

    Now its blank where they used to be. My phone is jailbroken, and I always get the updates from cydia that are suggested, but I have no idea where the settings are going or how they are getting cleared.

    I haven't been messing around with preferences at all, my only guess is something I installed from cydia changed the settings.

    Any ideas?
    04-07-2009 07:18 PM
  2. labi's Avatar
    I figured out it was Mega (mega4i.com) installer. The program works wonders to install apps, but the moment you install any app, it changes some settings and removes your preferences. I have since restored my phone and not installed Mega.. ill find ipa's elsewhere.

    I did testing with the app store facebook app.. when I reinstalled the facebook app, i looked to make sure I had my preferences. It was there. I then went into the mega installer, picked some random app and installed it. I went back to my settings, and sure enough, facebook was gone.

    Like I said above, I have restored my phone because im not sure what else mega has done. I will not be reinstalling it again.
    04-09-2009 02:57 PM