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    I have a First Gen iPhone (2g) which is not activated and the SIM inside it is a deactivated SIM. I just upgraded it 2.2.1. I dont have a T-Mobile SIM.

    Will unlocking allow me to use this phone with AT&T WITHOUT a data plan, and only WiFi? Or will AT&T find out and begin charging me?

    I have successfully unlocked and Jailbroken it. Or at least I hope. It now says "Waiting for activation". I know this is because the SIM is deactivated, but is this alright? Should my activated SIM (with no data plan) work on this? I also have a 3g iPhone (only jailbroken). Should I try that SIM in this phone? That one has a data plan on it.
    04-06-2009 12:25 PM