1. specialk7722's Avatar
    Hi I have a 1st generation iphone. I recently open the phone to try and fix the volume button on the side; ( utton is stuck wont decrease volume) anyway after determining need new part; I put phone back together and now am having signal problems !!! Where I had good signal signal is weak or wont connect to EDGE system and where I havent had signal signal got better . Im beside myself ; check 2 white wires from antenna for continuity and had good contact. Not sure if there is problem with the stick on antenna or possibly something else..ANY ADVICE WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!

    04-05-2009 10:16 AM
  2. Jeremy's Avatar
    Your best bet is to take it to a local shop that can fix it for you or try to at least. Apple won't touch it since you've taken it apart already. Or simply purchase a new iPhone. Good luck.
    04-05-2009 01:33 PM