1. malibuvlx's Avatar
    All of a sudden I can't hear anyone when I make or receive. Can't hear when on blue tooth, using my iphone itself, or on speaker phone. Please help?
    04-04-2009 07:16 PM
  2. Rene Ritchie's Avatar
    Simplest first: have you rebooted the phone?
    04-04-2009 10:22 PM
  3. justinsane's Avatar
    im having the same problem..one day i wake up and i cant hear people but they can hear me. i cant hear with the headphones, speaker phone, normally, or with bluetooth. the other party can hear me. my external speaker works (ringtones/sound effects) but thats it. anyone find a fix for this. i have tried rebooting, restoring, i even sent it in to apple but they wouldnt fix it because my screen is cracked. my screen has been cracked for quite some time now and it worked fine before.
    04-17-2009 01:55 AM