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    Mac Mail ToDo's ???

    I LOVE these!

    I have made up about 8 categories of ToDo by creating 8 calendars on my Mac.

    I use these for GTD lists


    etc.. And I highlight and make ToDos from my Mac Mails - its the CENTER of my planning universe!!!

    But I am confused with the info today about iPhone software V3.0

    It says - 'notes' will sync.

    Q - Does that mean ToDo's?

    Q - Will I be able to have my multiple calendars running on an iPhone?

    Q - Will all the ToDo's sync?

    Q - And do you think I will be able to create ToDo's from emails on the iPhone (highlight and press "ToDo" like I can on my Mac?

    This will influence a possible move over from Blackberry..

    OK - Many thanks in advance..
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