1. Jtucker's Avatar
    In the past week in the afternoon my phone has not completed calls in or out. A call into my phone may ring only once on the callers end. I usually hear nothing but a couple of times I've heard a partial ring. When I attempt to make a call nothing happens. Doesn't matter how many bars. Then adding insult to injury I received 24 of the same text message yesterday with a new notification each time. I rushed to the At&t store in the midst of the situation and they merely reset my phone and sent me on my way. Any ideas? Is this a network or other problem that I should just live with? Is it my punishment for keeping my iPhone constantly cradled in the palm of my hand?
    02-22-2009 03:14 PM
  2. JNHohol's Avatar
    Seems like a network issue, but who knows?

    I would have first tried the reset that they did, hold the power & home button until the phone turns off and the boot logo comes back on.

    Then, I would try to do a restore as new.

    After that, I would have at&t replace the sim card with a new one.

    Finally, if none of those things worked, I would go to Apple and try to get a new iPhone.
    02-23-2009 05:48 PM
  3. Jtucker's Avatar
    Thanks much. Logical steps for sure. Didn't encounter it today so keeping fingers crossed. My son just did the most recent update and has encountered a similar problem. We'll see.
    02-24-2009 10:16 PM