1. megscd's Avatar
    I don't know what I did, but now when I use my dialer my phone reads off the numbers ("nine. one. three...."). It's hella annoying, and I can't for the life of me find this setting. Anyone?
    02-17-2009 03:08 PM
  2. Leanna Lofte's Avatar
    I have never heard of this! Are you jailbroken?
    02-17-2009 03:29 PM
  3. megscd's Avatar
    yes, but I haven't added any Jailbroken apps for a while. I used Spell Number to enable Emoji, but I deleted it and the numbers are still reading. big PITA!
    02-17-2009 03:30 PM
  4. Leanna Lofte's Avatar
    I have a feeling something that has to do with jailbreaking added a feature somwhere that allows you to enable this.

    ...sorry, not much help. I'm not jailbroken.
    02-17-2009 03:35 PM