1. jaguar11's Avatar
    i have an iphone 3g with Att and im in a weird situation. I can call people but i cant access the safari or any internet related apps. the top of the iphone shows full bars and the 3g logo and also i have the $30 data plan. i talked to an att rep on the phone, and after an hour of going to methods of troubleshooting, she told me to go an att store and i will probably have to send my iphone in. when i go to the safari it tells me "safari is not connected to the internet" or "Could not activate cellular data network: You are not subscribed to a cellular data service". i would appreciate any help because i am jailbroken so if i want to take it to the store i would have to restore it.

    thanks again,please help
    02-14-2009 05:16 PM
  2. Jeremy's Avatar
    Well I'd say your best bet is to restore as a new iPhone and see what happens... that's the first thing I would do considering the issue you are having.
    02-14-2009 06:42 PM
  3. jaguar11's Avatar
    sorry i forgot to mention that that was the first thing i already did.
    02-15-2009 09:12 AM
  4. Jeremy's Avatar
    Yeah, bring it in to a Apple store. Sounds like a hardware issue then.
    02-15-2009 09:19 AM
  5. JNHohol's Avatar
    Is this a problem just in one area or does it happen wherever you go?

    I had this problem off and on during the summer at my house, everywhere else I went was fine. I would get the same error messages you are receiving. I would show full bars and the data symbol but I couldn't connect. It would just spin and eventually hang, then I'd get the error message. Once in a while the data symbol would disappear. I was having trouble with the edge connection, as the 3G signal was very weak and I couldn't stay connected to it.

    I tried a new sim card, they restored my iPhone as new at the Apple store to make sure I had non-corrupted OS update, I reset my network settings, cycled off and on the different bands & airplane mode, I turned off 3G and tried only to use edge, received "phone updates" from AT&T technicians. Apple did give me a new phone to try but it had the same problem.

    The most frustrating part for me was that I had uninterrupted data signal for (3) weeks after I got my iPhone and then the data problem started. Nobody at at&t or Apple could understand or tell me why it just stopped. Then we had a wind storm that knocked out service and when it was fixed it the next day, I had my data back.

    I was pretty sure it was an at&t network issue, maybe a bad tower, but I was one day from going to the at&t store to get a BB Bold to see if it experienced the same data problems at my house. If you get a new iPhone and it doesn't work, call at&t and see if they can send a technician out to your area to inspect the towers or find the cause of the data signal issues.

    Keep us updated if the new iPhone fixes the problem.
    02-17-2009 03:47 PM