1. JON GOLD's Avatar
    I need to know if I can sync the iphone 3g to my acura TSX I was at the att store to buy the phone and someone came in and return his iphone foe a blackberry. I have a blackberry that works in my acura , but want the iphone.
    02-04-2009 09:35 PM
  2. blakejackson's Avatar
    The voice function should work fine. You should be able to make and receive calls just fine, but that's it unless you have a wired 30 pin connection to your vehicle's stereo. Wireless music, voice activation, etc is not supported on iphone. Now if you are using a Ford vehicle with Microsoft's Active Sync system, that's a different story. Voice activation is supported on that system, it is done on the vehicle end.
    02-04-2009 10:21 PM
  3. Txdogs's Avatar
    I have an Acura and the Hands Free link works fine.
    02-05-2009 06:05 AM
  4. JON GOLD's Avatar
    I called Acura and then went to there website. It says it's compatible. My blackberry works great. I just trying to decided if I want the new BB or iphone. As long as my emails gets push through. I'm using godaddy as my email. After talking to them they said it's fine.
    02-05-2009 06:06 PM
  5. blakejackson's Avatar
    As long as godaddy offers push email, either the iphone or blackberry will do it. There are thousands of BB Bold/Storm vs. iphone threads on the internet, including many good ones on this forum. Dig away!
    02-09-2009 05:15 PM