1. zukir02's Avatar
    I downloaded a RSS reader and it is asking me to "enter feed url" or "enter starting url"

    I know what a url is but I am new to the RSS reader. I know I will feel stupid once I get the answer but could some one help me out.

    I did a search before I posted this to make sure it wasn't already talked about and I couldn't find anything.
    01-31-2009 08:50 AM
  2. sting7k's Avatar
    If you go to most websites someone where on the page you should see the orange RSS logo or something about RSS feed links. If you click on this it should give you a big list of feed URLs or just a list where you can click on the link. Type the URL you see into the RSS reader on the iPhone.

    Which RSS reader did you get?
    01-31-2009 11:29 AM
  3. zukir02's Avatar
    Ahh, thanks. I got the free RSS reader (that is what it is called) it has a orange icon. I picked that one just to see if I like using RSS and if I do I will get a different one probably.
    01-31-2009 12:46 PM
  4. hotrod#AC's Avatar
    I like use Google's Reader. They don't have an app, but their website is optimized for the iPhone. What I really like about Google Reader is that I can read my news on my iPhone or on my desktop, and my feeds, and read/unread status is in sync on all machines.

    Moreover, I usually "Star" some news items on my iPhone that I want to view or act upon on my Desktop. It works great. Try it out.

    Plus when you are on a page just click on the RSS url and it will ask if you want to import this rss into your reader feeds.
    01-31-2009 01:08 PM
  5. sting7k's Avatar
    There are a few RSS readers in the app store that sync with Google reader.
    01-31-2009 03:20 PM
  6. hotrod#AC's Avatar
    I haven't looked in a while, but the last time I looked, the only thing I could find was some readers had the ability to import feeds from Google Reader, but not do a 2 way sync and sync the read/unread status back to Google Reader. Which ones can do that?
    02-02-2009 08:20 AM
  7. icebike's Avatar
    Google reader wins hand down over every other rss reader. There is simply no point in dredging up some lame app store solution, (sorry devs) because none of them sync with your computer.
    02-02-2009 02:30 PM
  8. hotrod#AC's Avatar
    That's what I thought.
    02-02-2009 03:50 PM