1. crossover496's Avatar
    How can I disable edge/3g on the iphone (2g) so I do not get data transfer charges?

    Can I do this from the iphone settings or do I have to look into my service.

    I only want to know because Im looking into buying a friend's iphone, and I
    would unlock/jailbreak it. So if there is a way using cydia or installer that is
    an option for me.

    I have to be sure I will not get any data charges and only access the internet through wifi!

    Thanks in advance
    01-26-2009 08:38 PM
  2. reyza's Avatar
    You can turn off 3g/edge with a jailbreak app called SBSettings but you won't receive any calls. I think the best solution is disabling data through the carrier.
    01-26-2009 09:51 PM
  3. hotrod#AC's Avatar
    First, never open any programs that require data, like safari or mail.

    Second, if you don't know if the program will require data, turn on airplane mode before you open it.

    Third if you want data, but you want to make sure it only uses your wifi instead of edge/3g....go to settings, enable airplane mode, then go to Wi-Fi and turn it on. Now you will have WiFi but no phone calls or phone-carrier based data transfer.

    Hope that helps.
    01-31-2009 07:41 AM