1. Robbie#IM's Avatar
    Hello all, I have a 3G iphone, I have used it successfully for more than a few months with a SIM card proxy chip, even after I managed to upgrade to 2.2 firmware, I was able to get the phone to receive cellular signal after upgrading my SIM proxy chip as well, and also jailbreaking via Pwnage tool.

    All was well until today, when my iphone gave me the error message "Your service has been lost, please retry another provider in the Settings" or something along the same lines.

    I've tried everything I can think of short of banging the iphone :-( but nothing could get me cellular signal. I was even able to place one phone call after swapping out to my older SIM proxy, but service was soon lost after less than one minute.

    Does anyone have any idea how this happened? Was there some hidden programming that locked my SIM proxy after it figured out that I was using one?

    Please, any help as to how to resolve this is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.
    01-10-2009 12:52 AM
  2. MrEClass's Avatar
    Whenever you plan on upgrading firmware, make sure you also plan on being able to unlock the phone.

    Have you contacted the supplier of the SIM?
    01-24-2009 01:10 AM