1. mingold's Avatar
    Hello all. I've been racking my brain for a month on which to purchase. I currently have AT&T wireless service. Having a cellular phone is a must for me; we do not have a land line. But I also want a media player to play movies, music and games on. I do not wish to have to carry around both, so my first thought was to get an iphone.... until I discovered that there is an additional $30 fee a month to use the thing.... I don't need that! I also don't need the phone for GPS, internet, or email; I don't really leave the house too much, so that is not needed. I've heard of unlocking and all that... but what exactly would be the best way to go about it for me?
    01-07-2009 09:35 PM
  2. AZMerf's Avatar
    The $30 is a must have. Go with the iTouch.
    01-08-2009 08:03 PM
  3. Wyatt's Avatar
    The iPhone is the only way you'll get everything in one device but if the extra cost of the data plan is not needed/wanted then your only option is the iPod Touch.

    I was in a some what similar predicament before I purchased an iPhone. What made me get it though was having one device that did everything. Things like Google maps, email and internet were welcomed extras that have served me more than expected. So, the iPhone over the iPod Touch just made sense for me.
    01-09-2009 01:15 AM