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    Well, I'm freaking out right now. I spilled coffee on my MacBook. Luckily, it wasn't that much. It probably got in about 5 keys in the upper right hand corner (above the cd drive). I Immediately shut it down and pulled out the battery and flipped it upside down. I have wiped up all the coffee and have it sitting upside down on the edge of a pile of towels. The keyboard and screen are at a right angle so the keyboard is laying on the towels and the screen is going down off the corner.

    My question is: now what? How long should I let it sit there? Do you think it'll be ok since it was over the cd drive and not anything real scary? Should I call Apple and ask them what to do without actually telling them who I am? Should I remove the CD drive? Would that void the warranty? I already opened up the back to take a peak, but I don't know what I'm "allowed" to do other than change the ram. I would like to get the underside of the keys, but don't know how to. Would removing the drive lead strait to the keys? Is there any sort of barrier between the keys and vital MacBook organs for safety?

    Ok I'll stop asking questions. Help?

    Oh, and it's a new Aluminum MacBook.
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    12-20-2008 11:27 PM
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    12-21-2008 12:15 AM
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    Sounds like you did everything right. So I would just let it really dry out before you run any power through it and cross your fingers!!!

    I know a friend that had an iPhone in his pocket and it rained while at a college football game and it killed it. He put it in a bag with some rice and put it in the frige overnight and it started working again except for the camera. So I would probably just leave it without the battery for a week like the link Bad Ash linked to suggest.
    12-21-2008 12:22 AM
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    oh God, a week or two is forever! I read some other places that said a couple days. I think the guy above had a much more severe case than mine. I'm gonna call my brother tomorrow who's a genius administrator and ask him what I should do. Do you think this will completely void out my AppleCare? That'll really suck. I wish I could just get behind the keyboard and clean it out. ...the one bad thing about the unibody I guess.

    Thanks guys.
    12-21-2008 12:29 AM
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    Blarg! Forum ate my reply! Trying again!

    Really sorry to hear about this. Sounds like you're doing everything right and I really hope it boots back up good to go.

    To help speed up drying if you want to risk it: silica packets from pharmacy, putting in dry place with good airflow/breeze, using hairdryer on low setting (might be hard to judge time tho).

    The above should work. Guy I know dropped his brand new iPhone in a lack second day he had it. Dried it out, home button didn't work, opened it up and cleaned the leads, and everything was perfect.

    If for some reason there are problems, Apple has spill/liquid detectors in the laptops so if it hit one of them (I think there are 2 in the MB) AppleCare won't cover it (though AppleCare reps might if you sound distraught enough; woman I know just got a new iPhone after dropping and cracking hers). Your credit card or home owners insurance might cover accidental damage. Check with them.

    Worst case, Apple will fix it for you, but absent AppleCare or other coverage, you'll be charged for the repair.
    12-21-2008 08:15 AM
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    BTW- AppleCare won't cover this, but sometimes AppleCare reps will make exceptions. If you don't mind playing the gender card, you can always keep calling until you get a sympathetic guy, cry a lot, and see if they'll make an exception.

    Woman I know dropped her iPhone on metal, cracked it, and got it replaced next day doing just that.

    If all else goes wrong, and you want the nuclear option, that's it.
    12-21-2008 08:18 AM
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    Hey guys! Thanks for they help and suggestions. Also, thanks for not calling me an ***** Well, I'm typing this post with my perfectly working MacBook =D I turned it on the first time this morning and everything is great (minus the slight scent of coffee)! I'm so relieved.
    12-24-2008 01:51 PM
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    Stating "wave" for @llofte!

    Sorry the coffee is covering the sweet new MacBook smell tho
    12-27-2008 07:16 PM