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  1. ptb127's Avatar
    I am considering going back to the iPhone 3G. I had one but I sold it to get a Bold and while I like it, I find myself looking for an iPod touch so i realized that I should've just kept the iPhone. I don't send many pictures, I do like the have that ability. When I use to send pics using that format mentioned above, they would not come through on a friends phone. Could it be something to do with the MUX1 feature code put on by AT&T. That code is for MMS OPT OUT. I tried sending pics using the e-mail format mentioned above with the bold and it worked perfectly. I am wondering if the same will happen with the iPhone. Is there any chance apple could include it in the next firmware update? Are there any programs out there that can help me achieve that? Thanks everyone for your time!
    12-14-2008 01:46 PM
  2. combatdoc's Avatar
    Swirly MMS is the only MMS app I know of and it lets you put in the proper stuff to get native MMS support from your carrier. Requires jailbreaking though.

    If you don't jailbreak there are a bunch of AppStore apps that do pseudo-MMS with proxies.
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    12-14-2008 05:51 PM
  3. Duvi's Avatar
    I never had the issue, but the MUX1 should not be on the account. I haven't checked to see if it was on my account, but like you said, that is to block mms.

    I don't think that is a factor for pics through email though as it is not going through an mms client to do this, only data (as an attachment)
    12-14-2008 06:10 PM
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    I don't know about anyone else who switches between a iPhone and BB but with me it has been if I put the sim in my iPhone for a few days or more AT&T's system automatically detects the change and makes certain changes to my account. And when I put the sim back in the Bold I am without Media net - which takes away my MMS. So I have to call them to have them add it back on. Sort of a pain.
    12-14-2008 09:36 PM