1. ehewitt's Avatar
    i've been reading the blog and forum for weeks now, great site and community. after some time on a blackberry, i took the bait and purchased an iphone, and am having some email problems that i hope folks might be able to help me solve. I can connect to mail fairly well on 3g and edge connections, and seem to be able to connect to my Verizon Fios wifi signal, but the phone cannot connect to my email using POP when connected to wifi (ie., when the wifi icon is showing). i can connect to the email account using a laptop over the same network, so believe this should be working from the phone as well - instead i get an interminable "Checking for mail" notification, but no mail. i know there is mail on the server, as i can see it using a webmail app. any thoughts greatly appreciated!
    12-12-2008 08:18 PM
  2. kcuttsjr's Avatar
    Hope this helps, but the problem might be with the router settings since your phone can send/receive messages using the carrier's network. You might want to do some digging online to see if you need to enable port 25 (google "ISPís block port 25" to see more.)
    12-13-2008 07:01 PM