1. the7thanomily's Avatar
    I live in South Africa so I have no way to legitimately create an itunes account.

    What I need is for someone, once they have finished all the credit on their gift card based account, to give it to me and make a new one for themselves.

    It must have been created using a gift voucher so that I don't have access to your credit card and you remain financially secure. See explanation of what i mean here Create A Free US iTunes Account
    I cant do this as seen on the other side of the link because Apple changed put measures in place before I found out about this. I love my iPhone (quirks and all), but not being able to install apps is really making it suck for me.

    I know it's a lot to ask of someone I don't even know, I just cant think of anything else to do and was hoping someone would take pitty on me seeing as its christmas time and all. private message the account info if you can help.

    Heck, if you have any gift cards lying around that you don't plan on using, send one to me and I'll create an account for myself (the problem with the link's method is itunes now checks the gift card for validity before it activates your account).
    12-01-2008 09:06 AM
  2. MrEClass's Avatar
    There are other ways of activating an iTunes account...
    01-24-2009 01:27 AM
  3. the7thanomily's Avatar
    thanks mr e - how helpful!! I'd be ALOT more irritated ryt now if I hadn't already gotten a very useful reply in another forum from a helpful member! Now I'm just mildly annoyed. P
    01-24-2009 05:10 AM
  4. MrEClass's Avatar
    OK, you need to realize you are asking a lot of someone with your "situation."

    I and many others here have no problem helping people with iPhone issues and questions but you're post seems very sketchy, my friend.

    Frankly, I wouldn't trust you at all.

    So no, I didn't give you much help at all but this forum is no guarantee of help just a possibility.

    Be irritated and annoyed all you want. I could care absolutely less.

    Good luck activating that account ha
    01-25-2009 12:54 PM
  5. the7thanomily's Avatar
    my problem with you isn't that u did not oblige my request seeing as it is exactly that - a request! My issue is that you claim that there is another solution to my problem and yet you neglect to mention what it is, giving the impression that you are just an ***. If you would have just ignored the post or said that you don't trust me that would have been fine.

    In regards to your false well wishes appropo of my activation; I don't need them! As I mentioned in my previous post, someone on another forum mentioned there was an easier way and was kind enough (read: not to much of an ***) to let me know what it was.

    I would say I hope you never have the misfortune of needing help and running into someone as exasperating as yourself, unfortunately I have trouble being as disingenuous as yourself... P
    01-25-2009 02:11 PM
  6. MrEClass's Avatar
    You insulting me does nothing but make your argument less formidable.

    It was nice chatting with you.
    01-27-2009 05:36 PM
  7. Nellybelly333's Avatar
    You both argue very politely... I couldn't even pick a side it was so well mannered.
    01-27-2009 06:53 PM