1. SmokeGFX's Avatar
    Hey guys, first post here.
    Have been looking around for a bit and looks like a nice board.

    But i made a topic here because i have a problem, so here it is:

    I was on the bus this morning, writing an email.
    I decided to save the email, and wait until i get home and connect to my wifi to send it.
    However when i got home, my drafts folder disappeared and the email i wrote with it.
    I know it did not get sent, because i can read back all my sent email (even the ones from my iphone) on the web.
    I'm using the standard IPhone mail app with a gmail account.

    Any help is appreciated, i know i will at least be looking for a new mail app.
    Getting the mail back however, would be great if at all possible.
    12-01-2008 02:38 AM