1. Rene Ritchie's Avatar
    Unbelievable (via the Register) thread started on Apple Discussion:

    Pictures automatically attach to e-mail?
    Posted: Nov 11, 2008 1:59 PM

    Please help! I took my husband's i-phone and found a raunchy picture of him attached to an e-mail to a woman in his sent e-mail file (a Yahoo account). When I approached him about this (I think that he is cheating on me) he admitted that he took the picture but says that he never sent it to anyone. He claims that he went to the Genius Bar at the local Apple store and they told him that it is an i-phone glitch: that photos sometimes automatically attach themselves to an e-mail address and appear in the sent folder, even though no e-mail was ever sent. Has anyone ever heard of this happening? The future of my marriage depends on this answer!
    11-18-2008 09:58 AM
  2. Jeremy's Avatar
    As funny as that sounds there is no way I believe this is true...
    11-18-2008 10:00 AM
  3. jamesus's Avatar
    He's a bad liar...
    11-18-2008 12:15 PM
  4. cjvitek's Avatar

    11-18-2008 12:18 PM
  5. sethclifford's Avatar
    Absolutely hysterical...
    11-18-2008 12:56 PM
  6. MrP's Avatar
    wow... i dont even know how to respond to that...
    11-18-2008 03:01 PM
  7. charliej66's Avatar
    That's the funniest thing I've heard all day.
    11-18-2008 03:21 PM
  8. BreakingKayfabe's Avatar
    Are u freaking kidding me?
    11-18-2008 05:10 PM
  9. Frozen001's Avatar
    Some people will believe anything....
    11-18-2008 09:52 PM
  10. BB-fan's Avatar
    Thats the funniest thing I have heard all day. Thanks for the laugh!
    11-19-2008 06:35 PM
  11. Stevie No-Wonder's Avatar
    Wow, that is funny... imagine...

    ... being married.
    11-19-2008 07:07 PM
  12. jchapman01's Avatar
    that dude should have come up with a better lie. I mean seriously... Anything is better than that one. I did like the genius bar part though. LOL.
    11-19-2008 10:35 PM
  13. JustinHorn's Avatar
    He could have said someone from the genius bar sent it from his phone to one of their friends and would have been a much more plausible lie
    11-19-2008 11:44 PM
  14. FoilTape#IM's Avatar
    You have no idea how many times that has happened to me! My phone must have the same glitch as her husband's. It sometimes also sends lovey-dovey texts to random women...never guys though. Very strange. If he's able to get it fixed, I need to know what the remedy is - before my wife starts to suspect something!
    11-20-2008 12:26 AM
  15. pHelics's Avatar
    to FoilTape

    Yep, you must be her husband, for real
    11-20-2008 01:09 AM
  16. kiancheong's Avatar
    poor fella, he should have come out with a better cheat... or, he should have just simply cleared his sent folder everytime...
    11-20-2008 04:07 AM