1. PrinceZul's Avatar
    Hello dears,

    I would like to get advice from someone out there. I have an old Iphone 16GB 1.1.4 i bought on ebay from the USA in May. I would like to know if anyone in my situation managed to update his phone to the latest Iphone software?

    I am using it now in the UK with T-Mobile. Thank you for your advice on how to update it without losing it. looking forward to hearing from u guys.
    11-09-2008 05:42 AM
  2. Jeremy's Avatar
    Well yes you could update it but you will then have to jailbreak/unlock it again to work for your carrier. Take a look a the jailbreaking forums here to help you out more. Fairly simple process though.
    11-09-2008 08:27 AM