1. johnny football hero's Avatar
    I currently own the first generation iPhone. It has some wear and tear on it now, but works just fine. I'm thinking about switching over to the 3G, but it isn't necessary for me to dump my first genration iPhone just yet. Knowing my luck, the second I get the 3G, the next generation iPhone will be coming out. Should I just hold out and wait? Any idea when the next version of the iPhone is coming? I beg for the next iPhone to have MMS and a video camera!
    11-07-2008 07:20 PM
  2. avt123's Avatar
    I wouldn't expect a new iPhone till mid 2009.
    11-08-2008 12:08 PM
  3. BB-fan's Avatar
    Get the 3G!
    11-08-2008 04:45 PM
  4. shwy's Avatar
    go 3G! I never owned the original but want one so I can use it on tmobile. The 3G, it rocks. I have the white 16GB.
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    11-08-2008 06:28 PM
  5. Tunnelrunner's Avatar
    You'll always have the issue of whether to upgrade or not when it comes to cutting edge technology. So go for it.

    It's anyone's guess when the 4G will come - prolly not for a while.

    Upgraded from a Treo 700p to the 3G,
    11-08-2008 07:24 PM
  6. johnny football hero's Avatar
    My only hope is the next version will PLEASE have a video camera and MMS. Its sad that the iPhone does not have such standard/basic features found on most phones!
    11-08-2008 09:23 PM
  7. cardfan's Avatar
    It's not that sad. Don't miss either. Had video on the centro.. Used it maybe once. Used MMS maybe never? lol Email is much better.
    11-09-2008 04:15 AM
  8. JustinHorn's Avatar
    They could put video and then when people use it and kill the batter in 30 mins they would complain about that, so it's a lose lose for apple
    11-09-2008 03:14 PM
  9. BreakingKayfabe's Avatar
    If u want video recording just use your digital camera.

    Having a flash on the iPhone camera would be nice though. But oh well.
    11-09-2008 04:03 PM
  10. The Radness's Avatar
    If u want video recording just use your digital camera.

    Having a flash on the iPhone camera would be nice though. But oh well.
    Am I the only one seeing the irony in this?
    If you want a flash just use your digital camera.
    11-10-2008 10:53 AM
  11. baseball rocks's Avatar
    switch to 3g dont wait
    11-11-2008 02:46 AM
  12. union83's Avatar
    i am a first time iphone user with the 16gb 3G. i've had bb's for work as long as i can remember. while i don't have the 1st gen iphone to compare to the 3G, i have to say it is THE best phone i've ever had. go for it!
    11-12-2008 03:40 PM
  13. MrP's Avatar
    Like many have already said the earliest we will see a new iPhone is probably June/July(if the current trend continues) so it just depends how much you care about speed. My friend still has an original and every time i play with his i cant believe "how slow" it feels compared to the 3G. But it all depends... with rumors of an iPhone HD floating around maybe it would be best to wait 6 or 7 months.
    You may want to consider how strong the 3G signal is in your area as well- if its strong you will be surfin' much faster.
    But if signal is weak youll just be using the same old edge network the original uses....

    it just depends
    11-15-2008 12:56 PM
  14. Microcosmos's Avatar
    I have a first gen (2G) iPhone & it works just fine. Plus I get to keep my grandfathered $20 for unlimited data + 200 texts plan (remember, it's $30 with texts extra for the 3G with AT&T here in the U.S.). I'm excited about any software updates, & aside from anything that requires GPS, I get all updates on my current iPhone. I am also excited about the 3G network, but I don't live near one so I wouldn't benefit from it anyway. I'm waiting for a significant increase in storage (I'm talkin' 64 GB). Hi-def would be a welcome bonus, but not expected in the near future nor really necessary given the fact that the current resolution is pretty hi-def compared to the Treo I sold last Christmas.
    11-16-2008 10:39 PM