1. psycho00o's Avatar
    Hii i really need help in this everytime i download applications from apple

    store and when i sync some of app. are not installed and gives a error message saying "some of the applications

    in your itunes library including(one of application name) were not installed on

    the iphone because they are not compatible with this iphone

    for list of applications that could not be installed ,clicl below" then when i

    click it gives me list of applications that were not installed and saying "it

    needs a newer version of iphone Os" and i have 2.02 software, PLEASE help me i really need help And

    Thanks for reading this
    10-20-2008 11:29 AM
  2. tuna's Avatar
    Sounds like you need to upgrade to the latest firmware, 2.1. Connect you phone to iTunes and update from their.
    10-20-2008 11:33 AM
  3. psycho00o's Avatar
    I already have frim ware 2.2
    10-20-2008 01:09 PM
  4. Dieters Watch's Avatar
    firmware 2.2 is not out yet? assuming you made a typo?
    10-20-2008 01:22 PM
  5. psycho00o's Avatar
    oh well iguess i have to update to 2.1 thanks very much for hekping me = )
    10-20-2008 01:51 PM
  6. tuna's Avatar
    I hope you don't have firmware 2.2... that would be a big breach of the NDA I think you just got confused between the 2.0.2 and the 2.1.0. Hope it works for you!
    10-20-2008 02:51 PM
  7. USCGMK's Avatar
    did the 2.1 fw upgrade help?
    10-20-2008 06:15 PM
  8. psycho00o's Avatar
    its written in itunes i do have 2.2 but ima just upgrade to 2.1
    10-21-2008 08:58 AM
  9. psycho00o's Avatar
    Can i do that in the normal way ?
    10-21-2008 08:59 AM
  10. tuna's Avatar
    Sorry, I can't believe that you have 2.2... it hasn't been released yet... I still think you have 2.0.2, which is completely different.

    Have you ever installed a new firmware for your iPhone? If not, follow the instructions below. If so, then go ahead and update to 2.1. Either way, I suggest backing up your iPhone first just in case you run into a problem.

    You can upgrade using iTunes just like normal. You have to have at least iTunes version 8.0 on your computer to install firmware 2.1. If you don't have at least version 8.0, then update your iTunes before proceeding. Connect your iPhone to your computer, and open iTunes. Select your iPhone on the left bar in iTunes, then push the Update button in the main window. This should download the latest firmware, version 2.1, and after it has finished downloading it will install.

    Let me know if you have questions.
    10-21-2008 10:18 AM
  11. psycho00o's Avatar
    Thanks very much man i found that i have 2.0.2 not 2.2 and i updated and it worked thanks again !
    10-21-2008 11:29 AM
  12. tuna's Avatar
    Great. Glad I could help!
    10-21-2008 11:42 AM