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View Poll Results: Which Remote Desktop/VNC App Do You Want Reviewed App vs. App?

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  • Jaadu (Teleport)

    11 45.83%
  • Mocha VNC

    7 29.17%
  • Win Admin

    0 0%
  • QuasiPad

    0 0%
  • Air Mouse

    4 16.67%
  • Win Remote

    2 8.33%
  • Other (Specify in Reply)

    0 0%
  1. Rene Ritchie's Avatar
    Its time for TiPb to get back to business, and that means a new contest with even more App Store apps, more TiPb reviews, and more ways for you our readers to win AT WORK!

    This week, and for the next few weeks, were going to review 2 business/productivity Apps head-to-head and app-vs-app. But heres the twist: there are so many Apps, we cant decide which ones to review. So the TiPb iPhone Forum will decide for us!

    We're posting this poll containing the candidates for review. You vote on your favorites and well review the top two. Voting closes on Saturday. And here's the kicker: Anyone who votes has a chance to win... the winning App! (Technically: an iTunes App Store gift certificate in the amount of the winning productivity app).

    Contest details can be found on the blog.

    This week it's Remote Desktop/VNC Apps, so what are you waiting for? Get voting!
    10-16-2008 07:22 AM
  2. Jeremy's Avatar
    Never had any interest in apps such as these but I'll vote for Jaadu none the less...
    10-16-2008 09:29 AM
  3. chadman's Avatar
    Win Admin for terminal services!
    10-16-2008 12:44 PM
  4. patrickbballer's Avatar
    llets go mocha vnc!!!!!
    10-16-2008 05:04 PM
  5. Rene Ritchie's Avatar
    @Bad Ash Next time you want to access that Macbook but aren't anywhere near it, iChadman will have you covered
    10-16-2008 06:17 PM
  6. Dalekkiller's Avatar
    Win Remote has made using my laptop so much easier when I'm on the sofa - now I can sit back in comfort and don't get so much backache plus, there's no software download needed for my laptop. The only problem I've found, is that it was designed using a German keyboard layout so some keys (such as ? ' @) don't work. I did email the dev but I'm still waiting for him to upload the corrections to the server.
    10-17-2008 12:38 PM
  7. spike22's Avatar
    i don't use this type of app either...but after reading reviews i have to go with Jaadu .
    10-17-2008 03:18 PM
  8. avt123's Avatar
    Jaadu looks great, but until the iPhone has some type of encryption it's probably not that safe to use this kind of app.
    10-17-2008 03:46 PM
  9. intrinicity's Avatar
    All these these apps seem to function on a VNC type basis, where you need a server app running on the PC. Have you guys seen anything come thru that uses RDP (port 3389) as the method of controlling the remote PC? I couldn't find anything in your list (mind you, I couldn't find Win Admin).

    Update: Win Admin is the answer, just not in Australia. We just have to wait ...
    Last edited by intrinicity; 10-18-2008 at 04:15 AM. Reason: Update
    10-18-2008 03:54 AM
  10. Rene Ritchie's Avatar
    Jaadu and Mocha look to be the winners!

    (Get your friends voting, people. We need much more controversial races than this. Ye gods, don't you watch cable news?! )
    10-18-2008 07:09 AM
  11. Dalekkiller's Avatar
    I was a fan of Win Remote but this thread has got me looking seriously at Jaadu. Although the full version is a bit pricey, it looks really good so I just might splash out on it.
    10-18-2008 07:51 AM
  12. Rene Ritchie's Avatar
    Forum winner announced here Tuesday by Bad Ash. App vs. App review on the blog Wednesday by iChadman, along with last week's blog winner, and another chance to win the App by commenting on the review.

    Dang, and these are some expensive Apps! Go get 'em people!
    10-18-2008 06:32 PM