1. kbtkpk's Avatar
    I just installed a new app (Touch Type) and as soon as it finished installing, all my carefully laid out home screen were scrambled randomly. This is after a couple of days of increasing Safari crashing and drastically decreased battery life. I have no idea if these things are connected.

    As for the home screen issue, this reinforces my call for Apple to give users a rational way to organize their apps!
    10-08-2008 11:17 PM
  2. Rene Ritchie's Avatar
    Did you install directly on the iPhone or via iTunes? If the former, you might want to sync, then delete on your iPhone, then re-install via iTunes. Not as big a problem with 2.1, but if you're running anything earlier, can cause major frustration.

    Also, try power cycling after you install. Turn the iPhone off completely, wait a bit, then let it reboot.

    Might fix Safari as well.

    Let us know!
    10-09-2008 07:07 AM
  3. kbtkpk's Avatar
    Thanks for your response Rene.

    The install was directly on the device.

    I knew already about hard and soft resets and they do indeed tend to improve performance (e.g., lessening the number of Safari crashes and improving battery life), but they can't unscramble home screens, alas. I guess what happened was a fluke. But it was a fluke that took me about 30 minutes to fix, moving icons back to where I wanted them, one by one (I have a LOT of apps). I'll be interested to hear whether other users have experienced this problems. And, as I wrote earlier, I sure hope Apple provides users with a better way to organize, and protect, their home screens.
    10-10-2008 10:34 AM