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  1. rijc99's Avatar
    Lately i've started getting alot of server time outs while in safari. The page starts to load and then just hangs... after a while, the spinning indicator stops and I get a message saying safari can't connect. A switch to airplane mode and back usually will allows connects again but it doesn't last.

    I'm on 2.1 3G and have done resets, restores, and clean restores. Anyone else experiencing this problem?
    10-07-2008 12:38 AM
  2. mikecc's Avatar
    This happens to me sometimes when I am in the middle of downloading a web page and the network is trying to switch between 3G and EDGE at the same time. I think it's just the wrong timing.
    10-07-2008 12:01 PM
  3. Rene Ritchie's Avatar

    Are you on AT&T? Which area? mikecc could be on to something with the network, especially if the AIrplane Mode is effecting it, as that basically forces a re-connection to the 3G system.
    10-07-2008 10:19 PM
  4. rijc99's Avatar
    AT&T in North Orange County CA. Not just in one place. I've tested it while stationary in a full 3G area. The site that this happens to the most recently is Google reader.

    I think you guys are right in that a forced reconnection seems to solve the problem. It's just weird because this just started happening not too long ago.
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    10-07-2008 10:58 PM
  5. Shuckster's Avatar
    This happens to me also. Charleston, SC AT&T. Once out of every 20 page loads I think.
    10-08-2008 12:45 PM
  6. mikecc's Avatar
    Open one page at a time might help reduce the frequency of time out. Another thing with switching on/off airplane mode - 5 bar 3G after switch it off from on, then I tap on the app store and try to download Moto Chaser, guess what, it turn to 5 bar EDGE . I am in NY/NJ area. Well, I am sitting in a cube and my iphone is next to my computer screen - I don't know if that affects the reception.
    10-08-2008 12:58 PM
  7. rijc99's Avatar
    seems to happen to Google pages mostly. Search and reader.
    10-09-2008 06:38 PM