1. Jeremy's Avatar
    No phone is perfect, not even Apple's iPhone, and it is a phone you all know I love, so with that... what are some of the small annoyances you have with it?

    I honestly don't have too many but the one thing that bugs me the most is when you make a call from the dial pad or simply from your favorites after the call is over it goes right back to that screen instead of going to the home screen.

    Yes I know I am nit picking at the moment but that is what this thread is about... the little things that may annoy you...
    10-04-2008 12:15 PM
  2. Tunnelrunner's Avatar
    Well, aside from not having some essential features that other phones have (...copy and paste, cough...), I HATE it when Safari crashes. This usually happens most when I'm on Facebook ("full version"). A shame too...safari's the best looking mobile web browser out there, but it lacks stability.
    10-04-2008 07:25 PM
  3. Reaktor5's Avatar
    By far the most annoying thing is: I go into the iPod start listening to a track and lock the screen. Then let's say that track is about to end and I want to browse that CD, so I hit the sleep/wake or the Home button and unlock the phone. Sometimes it'll take me back to the Home screen (which is totally where I did NOT want to go) or back to where I left off.

    The other annoyance I have is when I go back in the iPod while listening to a track, sometimes it takes me to all of my albums instead of artists which is where I originated from.
    10-04-2008 08:02 PM
  4. shwy's Avatar
    that keyboard.
    10-05-2008 09:18 AM
  5. megscd's Avatar
    I wish there were a way to control the iPod easily when the screen is off and locked. It's a big pain to click the home button and then jab at the skip buttons (one jab doesn't seem to work most of the time)...I often miss the ab-fab clickwheel. In fact I think I'm going to make my dusty iPod Classic into my "car iPod" for this reason.
    10-06-2008 05:21 AM
  6. iphonetom's Avatar
    The keyboard and not having copy n paste...
    10-06-2008 07:25 AM
  7. StrangeLuv's Avatar
    Apps crashing... mainly Safari and Contacts. You'd think the Apps made by Apple would be the most stable.
    10-07-2008 03:26 AM