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  1. clayton#IM's Avatar
    I got the new 2.1 operating system today. I previously had used Genius to create five playlists on iTunes, named Playlists A-E. After I installed the new OS, I erased the old playlists and made six new playlists, named Playlists 1-6. However, when I sync, the six new playlists don't appear on the phone and the five I have erased from iTunes are still there.

    I unchecked the "sync music" button and ran a new sync. All music and playlists disappeared from the phone. I then re-selected the sync music button and ran a new sync. All 1438 of my song tracks were reloaded on the phone, but the six new playlists aren't there and the really strange thing is that the ones named Playlists A-E, w hich have been removed from iTUnes, are back. on the phone.

    09-16-2008 01:01 PM
  2. MrEClass's Avatar
    Wow this is quite odd. I have read your post over several times to make sure you did not make some sort of error. The weird thing is that I do not think you did. I cannot comprehend how the music and playlists were wiped from the phone but then once the phone was synced again, they were back on the phone even though you had deleted the playlists from itunes.

    Have you tried to create the new playlists and delete the old ones since that first attempt?
    09-22-2008 07:21 PM
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    has this been resolved? i've been having a similar problem. i just got an iphone 3g last week and loaded one small playlist on it the first day. when i tried to load more they show up as syncing in the status screen of itunes, but then they are not on the iphone. i have tried to sync and unsync the music numerous times, but only the one playlist would ever load. i restored my iphone and that did not help either. now i have no music on my iphone, despite having the sync box checked and the fact that, according to itunes, it did sync when i had it plugged in. any suggestions?

    edit: i just noticed that all my custom ringtones are not loaded anymore, either. i have pictures and two apps that seem to work (although it took me a while to get one of the apps to work), but the music is not showing. as i said before, itunes tells me that it is syncing that stuff onto my phone.
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    10-08-2008 08:05 AM