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    While that is very true and also signing up for things on websites can do it as well. I'll just use the old account for that.
    Exactly, if you are smart not to sign up for crazy things on the internet you will not get spam, like you would with a simple gmail, yahoo, hotmail account.
    10-16-2008 09:30 AM
  2. gymnofrool's Avatar
    @ Impaler: It would definitely help you if you read things a little more carefully!!! interways asked how people like the new DESIGN of their web site, not the service as such!
    My (btw US-based) company now uses interways.net (50 accounts) and we all are very happy with it. I think it is somewhat stupid to not use a good product just because the company based is in Germany. Do you not drive BMWs or Mercedes because of that, too???

    I say: First think, then write...
    10-21-2008 10:32 AM
  3. gymnofrool's Avatar
    By the way, interways.net offer bookmark sync now. And mail sync to the iPhone is blazing fast...
    10-27-2008 07:45 AM
  4. newfoundlandlisa's Avatar
    there's no real alternative that's as affordable or as good as mobileme
    11-21-2008 10:59 PM
  5. BB-fan's Avatar
    there's no real alternative that's as affordable or as good as mobileme
    That's a stupid thing to say cause you are wrong. Lots of better options, have you heard of exchange?
    11-21-2008 11:31 PM
  6. Jeremy's Avatar
    That's a stupid thing to say cause you are wrong. Lots of better options, have you heard of exchange?
    I think newfoundlandlisa just posted a quick 10 posts of nothing posts just to plug their website... which I moved to the appropriate thread...... don't take his or her comment personally.
    11-21-2008 11:45 PM
  7. devonair's Avatar
    Gmail-hosted apps, plus free Mail2Web account has so far been my best push solution...

    For the cost of registering a domain name (often as low as $10/year), I have the domain/email address that I want running on Google's servers. I forward that to my free mail2web account, and it pushes my mail to my phone via Exchange activesync. Also, my contacts/calendar/tasks on my phone are always in sync with my mail2web account, giving me desktop (via browser) access to all of my phone's PIM data. If you use a Windows computer, then you would probably be happy with the mail2web interface in IE (and not have to upgrade to a paid account to allow you to access things via Outlook). If you're like me and you use a Mac, you can use your account via Entourage (since I hate OWA in Firefox and Safari). On my phone, setting the Activesync reply-to address to my Google-hosted one means that I can even send from mail from my phone, and the recipient never even notices that it came from my mail2web account!

    In a perfect world, I would prefer to sync directly to my Google services, but this works for now. I can live with having to manage two copies of my inbox if I can get reliable push email for free. =) Here's hoping that either: a) nuevasync gets their email component syncing soon, or b) Google releases an iPhone app equivalent to their Gmail app on Android. Either of those two negate any reason I would have to even consider using Mobileme.
    11-29-2008 11:41 PM
  8. Casper TFG's Avatar
    Are people still using and paying for 3 party apps for mail push now?

    Or can you now get all your own (business) domain emails pushed with Mobile Me efficiently..

    Or does manually grabbing them via IMAP or Pop 3 each time work nice and quickly..?

    Its dawning on my that I perhaps don't absolutely HAVE TO have emails pushed - I could just retrieve them when I want them..

    Is it possible to get too wrapped up in 'push' - when you don't necessarily need it?

    Blackberry is very handy for fast two way email communication - to nail down a deal quickly but I dont need that very often..
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    03-22-2009 04:21 AM
  9. hotrod#AC's Avatar
    For me, it's not about PUSH....sometimes I turn off the Push because I don't want to be bothered. For me, I LOVE and HAVE TO HAVE a Hosted Exchange Service so that my Calendar, Email, and Contacts are all in Sync on my 2 desktops, 1 laptop, and my iPhone. (which used to be a Treo700WX). Hosted Exchange is INVALUABLE in keeping all my data synchronized and up-to-date.
    03-24-2009 09:01 AM
  10. Duvi's Avatar
    Hmmm... I like my @me.com email address. Wondering if I should waste my money

    I store a lot of pics on my mobile me... does it allow for storage as well?

    Does it also push gmail?
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    04-22-2009 01:26 AM
  11. Duvi's Avatar
    Umm... I chose to waste the $$$. Paid for 3 months, see how I like it.
    04-22-2009 02:01 AM
  12. msebright's Avatar
    Hi all - I'm trying to setup Exchange on my iPhone and I'm running into a few snags. First, I don't know much about Exchange or what to enter for the Server/Domain fields. My IT guy isn't keen on the iPhone and refuses to provide me with the server name. My company uses Lotus Notes 6.5 and gives our Blackberry's like they're free. I don't have one or have access to one but I looked at another associates Lotus Notes settings and saw that his server name is CN=COMPBB15/OU=SVR/O=COMP/C=US. Not sure if that means anything or help or really where to go from here. Is there a way to figure out the server name without my IT departments help? I obviously know my email address and password so I'm covered there. Any guidance anyone can provide is greatly appreciated!!!

    04-29-2009 09:44 AM
  13. hotrod#AC's Avatar
    That server doesn't look right.

    For example on my iphone, my server is webmail.ihostexchange.net

    Do you connect to your exchange service via your laptop or any other mail program? Look at the settings there...

    On my laptop in Outlook, my server address is VMBX101.ihostexchange.net

    Try looking at your desktop/laptop settings and try using those.
    04-29-2009 12:31 PM
  14. jamesus's Avatar
    This could also be due to the fact they are running Lotus Notes.
    04-29-2009 12:32 PM
  15. hotrod#AC's Avatar
    You could be right, jamesus....I don't know much about lotus notes, but this article sounds like currently Lotus Notes doesn't play nice with iPhones, but they might in the future.....I don't know.

    Lotus Notes/iPhone users to get their wish: real-time e-mail access - Network World
    04-29-2009 12:42 PM
  16. alokeprasad's Avatar
    I will be transitioning from a Treo 650 (yeah, it is old, but still functional) to the iPhone3GS in the next month or so. It's never too early to prepare.

    My main Qs are about syncing at multiple locations. Currently, I sync my Treo at home with Palm Desktop for my contacts, personal appointments. I use Chatter for my ISP, gmail, Exchange (e-mail only). At work, I sync with Outlook (Exchange) for my work-related appointments (only). This way, I get both personal and work appointments on my Treo.

    How will this work with the iPhone? I want to use a PIM at home (where I enter my personal appointments), and Outlook at work (which has my work appointments, meetings etc). I want them both on my iPhone.

    What will I use at home (the iPhone does not come with a PIM, I suppose)? I'm OK with on-line PIMS like Yahoo or Google Calendar (or even MobileME if I have to..).

    Will I use OTA Exchange sync to get my work appointments on my iPhone?

    Can I avoid putting the gigantic address book (2000+ entries!) from my work on to my iPhone? I'd rather hanve my modest personal contacts on the iPhone.

    06-15-2009 07:35 PM
  17. Alli's Avatar
    If you're willing to go through the trouble...I am still syncing to the Palm desktop even though I now use an iPhone. I sync my iPhone to Google, and sync Google to my Palm desktop with CompanionLink. Best of every possible world.
    06-15-2009 10:05 PM
  18. alokeprasad's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply. I am not that invested into Palm Desktop and could switch to a different PIM, if that provides for a more elegant solution. Why not use use Google Calendar (does it include an on-line addressbook?) alone at home?

    What about my Exchange account at work? How do I get those entries on to my iPhone?
    06-16-2009 04:48 AM
  19. Alli's Avatar
    You can do that by using Versamail and setting up Google as an Exchange server to get your pim data to Google in the first place.

    Google offers Contacts and Calendar (no task syncing yet, but they're working on it). I like having an offline calendar.

    If you use your work Exchange account, you won't be able to sync with Google. (Only one Exchange account at a time). But you could export the info and then import that to Google - or vice versa.
    06-16-2009 07:12 AM
  20. alokeprasad's Avatar
    Syncing with my work Exchange server is a given. That's where I spend most of my waking-up hours :-( Exporting regularly from that to any other email sever is impractical.

    Given that I'll be syncing with my work Exch. server, what else can I sync with at home for my personal appoinntments and contacts?

    Thanks for staying with me on this. Surely this must be a common situation for those using the iPhone for both work and personal use !!!
    06-16-2009 07:47 AM
  21. Alli's Avatar
    Do you only want your work email and your home contacts/calendar?
    06-16-2009 01:11 PM
  22. alokeprasad's Avatar
    I would like the following on my future iPhone3.0:

    From Work: Exchange server: e-mails, calendar (my work appointments), on-line access to work contacts on the server (so that I can create e-mails and meeting), but not have the contacts copied on to the iPhone

    From home PC: Any PIM (which one?): calendar (my personal appointments), contacts, various emails (POP, IMAP, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo)

    I could access the various home e-mails via the web sites (eg gmail, Yahoo), but I'd prefer it all in side a single app (like Chatter on my Treo).

    I could use my work Exchange to keep my personal appointments and contacts, but I'd rather not.

    Summary: Sync with Exchange for work email and meetings and contact and
    Sync with something else for personal emails, appointments, contacts.

    How do I do this?
    06-16-2009 07:20 PM
  23. Alli's Avatar
    I don't know of a way to sync two sources of pim data.
    06-16-2009 09:08 PM
  24. alokeprasad's Avatar
    I'm afraid that I'll have to use Exchange at work for all my PIM needs.

    How about other e-mail accounts? Which is the best e-mail client that's out there that'll work alongside Exchange Activesync for my other email needs?

    PS: I'll post this question (syncing with 2 PIM's) as a separate topic in the hope of getting a wider exposure ..
    06-16-2009 09:59 PM
  25. Alli's Avatar
    Any email server/service will work for ya - definitely go for IMAP though. I've been using fastmail.fm for years and love it. I use it for all my mail, and Google's Exchange feature for my pim data.
    06-17-2009 07:23 AM
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