1. CharlieBall's Avatar
    We know the iphone is multifunctional tool used for many things. But have you ever ran into a point where, it's not really important. But it's made things easier in life?

    For example:

    Today at my local starbucks it was rock n' roll night, and they had a trivia question, and if you answered it right, you got a free drink.

    The question was like, who replaced Bon Scott of AC/DC after he died?

    I didnt know lol. So i hid around the corner, and I went on safari and wikipedia the answer.

    Went to the counter. And asked if it was Brian Johnson. And it was, and so i got a free drink

    Anyone else ever ran into a time when you could the iPhone for something handy?
    08-22-2008 11:14 PM
  2. Jeffois's Avatar
    There was this time last week, when I needed to make a phone call, and my wife told me that I could use the device for just that purpose.

    Turns out it worked!!!
    08-23-2008 12:28 PM
  3. E Pow's Avatar
    Me and my wife were out of town 2 weeks ago and needed to find a Key Bank. I tap the Map icon typed in Key Bank and it lead us straight to it. I boasted for about 4 hours to her as to why my iphone 3g was the best. She had to finally admit it and stop calling me a cornball for being consumed by the device.
    08-23-2008 12:41 PM
  4. Reaktor5's Avatar
    Directions and movie times mostly for me.

    But the most important was slaying those aliens with my PhoneSaber.
    08-23-2008 05:42 PM
  5. CharlieBall's Avatar
    Haha, ive had an actual battle with the phonesaber xD
    08-23-2008 11:54 PM
  6. brikz's Avatar
    I like the drink hustle. Def. the internet for trivia, bc i hate not knowing something and would always run to the nearest computer for the answer bc i have to know, but now i can do it from my phone. And i never knew how bored i was before, and now find myself in many dead time spots where i need to play a game or check up on the weirdest news i can find. And as for emergencies, well sometimes my girlfriend starts annoying me when im watching a game or something and now i just pull out my iphone and launch the arcade app and she plays the matching game in the corner for hours like some mental patient from the cucoos nest. ITS AWESOME!!!
    08-24-2008 09:39 AM
  7. nic08's Avatar
    That's why it's multifunctional guys, the features are really great. I'm always a fan of this wonderful gadget.
    08-24-2008 11:20 AM
  8. ich_bin_ein_iPhoner's Avatar
    My girlfriend was buying shoes and while she was deciding if she wanted to pay $135 for them, I found the same shoes at another store for 90 bucks using safari. Of course, we used GPS to find the store.
    08-24-2008 04:08 PM
  9. Alienware_51#IM's Avatar
    Yesterday afternoon I was at an Air Show, I knew that a thunderstorm was approaching, but I didn't think about it. Until I started to see a black line of clouds waaay in the distance. BTW, there was around 12,000 people there. I pulled out my iPhone and went to my Fizz Weather App and checked out the local radar loop. Sure enough, there was a strong line of t-storms headed our way very fast. So I told my dad we need to go get cover right now. So we headed over to the nearest cover we could find. So we hid under an Air Force C-130 jumbo jet (The first attached pic is me standing by the jet's landing gear before it started to rain). People had no clue about the approaching t-storm, most of everyone got soaked. But thanks to my iPhone we were sparred. The second attached image is a picture I took of the f-16 after the storm.
    08-24-2008 05:37 PM
  10. CharlieBall's Avatar
    i like the pictures haha
    08-24-2008 05:46 PM
  11. bitfool's Avatar
    1) I forever lose my flash drives... but DataCase gives me a WiFi drive that is just too handy for words.

    2) I really have used Light, more than twice. When I stumble outside in the dark to close up the chickens and something seems wrong in the hen house, it's sure nice to have a light handy, and it works great.

    3) I've made a little app that plays some sounds... and it is just too much fun to tease people into thinking they have a cricket in the house just by tapping one of my buttons.

    4) I have i.wund.com set up as a URL with my hometown so that I can get instant weather including animated radar that downloads over Edge in no time, even with my lousy connection out in the country. When you're out in the fields, it's really nice to know whether the next thunderhead is going to hit you or skip by.

    08-24-2008 05:48 PM
  12. ROAMINGRICAN's Avatar
    I went bar hopping the other night and used the gps to drop a pin at my car( my dd has horrible memory and I was trashed ) so we found the car fine. The next day I needed to buy a flat screen and we were out of town so I used the store locator on their web site tapped the phone number and my iPhone magically called it I found out they had my tv in stock and the maps app led me to it. Later that night I used the parking spot trick at giants stadium for the giants/jets game. I can't use it enough I love my iPhone.
    08-24-2008 10:19 PM
  13. milani's Avatar
    What a great topic! Funny enough last week I was in Calgary trying to check into a hotel, but my credit card was mysteriously rejected. We couldn't figure out whether it was the hotel's machine or my card. The woman at the desk insisted the problem was on my end, so I logged onto my bank from my phone and proved that my card was fine. iPhone 1, hotel 0.
    08-25-2008 12:10 PM
  14. jgpippin's Avatar
    Well, I was stabbed in the chest and face recently. Cops took no photos - in fact, I think all they did was mill around and drink our coffee - but somebody was smart enough to pick up my dropped iPhone and take photos, which the ADA ended up asking for later.

    I was able to send them, with geotagging, right from my phone so the ADA could access them on the spot.

    A couple of days ago the ***** at McDonald's tried to tell me he hadn't charged me for the drink I'd ordered with the rest of my greasy food and that I'd have to pay again if I wanted it. I was able to use the browser to pull up my online debit card statement on the spot to show him how much he'd charged me. Of course, then I had to walk him through the math, so it was kind of a pain in the ***, but there was nobody in line behind me and it was the principle of the thing.
    08-28-2008 08:08 AM