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    Hello Friends:

    I am bringing up a question that I brought up way back in December of last year (the thread is still listed here by the way).

    Web Apps vs. Native Apps?

    Now, let me say a few things first.

    1. I did not upgrade to the 3G 3G service is spotty, and I am waiting to see what happens this fall with maybe a 32gig iPhone being released?? If not, then the 16gig will do.
    2. The OS 2.0 software has been, well, mediocre in my mind it crashes, its slow and its glitchy. If there was a way that I could downgrade to 1.1.4, I probably would; even at the cost of the having app store.

    Now lets talk about the app store and native applications. I have long been thinking about this post, and it wasnt until tonight when I saw a dictionary app for $30, that my blood boiled, and well; here I am writing this post when I should be headed to bed.

    For the record, maybe Steve was right about 3rd party applications causing firmware problems. (Just a thought...)

    One of the main problems that I see on the app store is that there are so many duplicates, bad apps and most important...apps that have no business being native!!! I mean come on, who REALLY needs to load a dictionary on their phone?? Okay, maybe that kid who won the spelling bee. But even then...doesnt having 3G cancel out most if not all of the issues that we all had over web apps using EDGE?

    Why use up memory, create crashes and frankly pay for what we have for free on the web???

    Take task lists for example. I have yet to find one that gives the choice and options that Remember the milk and Toodledo have. Example: if I am sitting at my desktop, Id rather input the item there, rather than pick up my phone. None of the native apps do this well, if at all.

    Shopping lists, same thing.

    eBooks, while this one is little tougher, TextoniPhone.com still wins, better choice, better reader, and I can cache up to 100 pages than can be read offline at anytime.

    In fact, aside from 4 games (Cube Runner, Enigmo, Sudoku and Aurora Feint) that I have loaded; I prefer the web versions over the native application counterpart. Applications like ReQall and Facebook are the two that come to mind first. But this goes for many games as well, like blackjack, solitaire and marblejumpr, etc.

    Speaking as someone who does not have 3G, I maybe way out of line, but I think its an interesting topic, one that has even more value today now that we have a choice of 3G. I may well eat my words here as the app store continues to mature and more options become available of the iPhone.

    But I tell this, the web will continue to be my first choice for content, and it wont crash my phone.
    08-21-2008 09:30 PM
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    that's why its a free market, you don't have to buy if you don't want. i know there is a lot of crap in the app store, but there are also a lot of useful apps that are layed out very nicely for the iphone.
    08-28-2008 03:37 PM
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    bigbrass- I am not arguing the free market system. Anyone can do whatever they wish. My points are that 3G speed void, in my mind, many of the gripes about web apps on EDGE. The fact that the iPhone 2.0 OS, is buggy, and that many of the apps are free vs. Native apps that costs; are added values to my point,
    08-28-2008 05:14 PM
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    Ironically, due to all the bugs, slowness, hangs and resets with 2.0; I decided to do an experiment.

    What would happen if erase all the native apps on the iPhone and stick with the core OS 2.0?

    Well, interestingly, all of the issues and bugs on the phone have disappeared. Not sure of it's all connected...but it's an odd coincidence. Web apps work fine, calls are not being dropped, safari responds like it did with 1.1.4. Hmmmmm????
    08-28-2008 05:20 PM
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    Where is there a good list of free web apps? Or web apps in general.

    Are they in the App Store?
    08-28-2008 06:04 PM
  6. Supes2000's Avatar
    Here's the link: http://http://www.apple.com/webapps/

    08-29-2008 05:33 PM