1. blackbrd13's Avatar
    I thought that I read somewhere that you can use wireless internet to piggy back and make calls.The reason I ask is at my house have have limited cell signal (And No its not the Iphone my other phones have the same issue)but i have a wireless network set up.I wants sure if it was an app or a setting or if it can even do this.

    08-20-2008 07:52 AM
  2. Libuff's Avatar
    there's a program that uses voip. I can't remember the name at the moment. Try searching voip in the app store. It does cost extra money tho.
    08-20-2008 08:10 AM
  3. supermum's Avatar
    Truphone... it does cost money so please read the description in its entirety.
    08-20-2008 11:15 AM
  4. rfg17's Avatar
    I have been using Truphone on a trip to Northern Maine where I've had no cel signal. It works very well and is not expensive.
    08-21-2008 07:17 AM
  5. hermdog's Avatar
    I also use TruPhone. But there is another program iCall, they have not released it yet. But they say that you could be on a cell call and if you have wifi available you can switch the call to wifi.

    Checkout the video at
    iCall - iPhone Beta
    08-21-2008 07:24 AM