1. Itsfoxy's Avatar
    Haha...I was old school with a 2008 Sidekick. But I loved that thing. They had the perfect AIM feature for spying. I could always tell when ppl signed on an off. I miss that!
    03-29-2011 12:06 PM
  2. Phone Medic Hawaii's Avatar
    Before the iphone I had a Blackberry Pearl. Interesting how the size of the phone used to matter.
    03-29-2011 12:43 PM
  3. tripod's Avatar
    I also dumped my BB Pearl in favor of Android
    03-30-2011 05:27 AM
  4. drb2's Avatar
    Let's just say my previous phone was nothing like this iphone 4.
    03-30-2011 12:24 PM
  5. anon(52425)'s Avatar
    Probably every flagship phone that has been released by the big names going back to 2003. I've had em all. I keep coming back to iPhone though.
    03-30-2011 01:17 PM
  6. twild's Avatar
    Sony Ericson walkman phone. Then to the iPhone 3g and now the 4
    03-30-2011 01:51 PM
  7. icehead13's Avatar
    Blackberry 9650 and HTC Evo. i figure iphone 4 is splitting the difference between email and a good color screen.
    04-01-2011 08:35 PM
  8. ed116's Avatar
    lol , i went from Samsung D807x > Samsung Gravity > iPhone 3GS > iPhone 3G > Storm >Blackberry Curve 8520 > blackberry bold 9000 > blackberry curve 8900 > Bold 9000 > Bold 9700 >iPhone 3GS > Motoral Droid > Samsung Captivate > iPhone 4
    04-01-2011 11:19 PM
  9. javeapaul's Avatar
    Blackberry Curve 8900.....would not go back now and most of my bberry friends are considering to follow but waiting to see what Torch is like....'whatsapp' has made it a lot easier from a cross platform messaging point of view! Love the quality, screen, camera quality, apps etc.,....miss being able to forward an sms from time to time....but am a convert!!
    04-02-2011 06:09 AM
  10. appleater's Avatar
    Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. It was a really good phone for the two years I used it but now when I have an iPhone the "Tube" seems so second class lol.
    04-02-2011 01:03 PM
  11. Jellotime91's Avatar
    You can definitely forward SMS on iPhone as of 3.0. Tap edit, tap a bubble, tap forward.
    04-02-2011 02:39 PM
  12. javeapaul's Avatar
    You can definitely forward SMS on iPhone as of 3.0. Tap edit, tap a bubble, tap forward.
    Many Thanks Jellotime!
    04-03-2011 05:21 AM
  13. anon4705295's Avatar
    BlackBerry Tour 9630... I don't even wanna talk about that PoS... lol!
    04-03-2011 07:14 AM
  14. restlesshearts23's Avatar
    Blackberry curve 8310>>>>torch for a little while>>>>then the bold 9700>>>now iPhone 3Gs
    04-03-2011 07:26 AM
  15. brk1's Avatar
    Samsung S100>D600>G600>S8000 Jet> iPhone 3GS

    Have I made a good decision,only time will tell,should I have stuck with Samsung and gone for the Galaxy ,who knows
    04-03-2011 02:56 PM
  16. generik777's Avatar
    Several CrapBerries and various other phones. I'm glad those are long gone and never need to be dealt with again.
    04-04-2011 12:33 AM
  17. dach818's Avatar
    Blackberry Storm. No contest. Iphone blows it away.
    04-04-2011 01:22 PM
  18. socialsandy's Avatar
    I had a blackberry before to own a iphone 4
    04-05-2011 05:05 AM
  19. Diesel02's Avatar
    I had a Desire. ut will never go back to HTC
    04-05-2011 05:15 AM
  20. DV26's Avatar
    Nokia n95>htc tilt>blackberry 8320>blackberry 8900>Sony xperia x1>blackberry 8900>iPhone 3GS>blackberry 9700>iPhone 4>htc desire hd>iPhone 4

    Might go back to my blackberry but can't pull myself away from my iPhone!
    04-05-2011 05:41 AM
  21. Diesel02's Avatar
    I have had a Nokia N95 too.
    Nice brick
    04-05-2011 08:33 AM
  22. wrxnfx's Avatar
    Went through a couple Blackberrys (Pearl, Storm1, & Storm2) and have an Android tablet before going iPhone4. iPhone4 is the most stable, intuitive, smoothest, & refined. As I always say, "It just simply works!" This is part of the reason that it has set the standard.
    04-05-2011 01:23 PM
  23. anon(4718837)'s Avatar
    I had the Sprint HTC Hero. Ended up buying my cousins 3G back in December. I paid a 100 dollar early termination fee to get out of my Sprint contract. I got the 3G activated off contract with AT&T. Then I heard about the Radio Shack trade in special a week later and traded in the 3G for the i4.
    04-06-2011 12:07 AM
  24. DV26's Avatar
    I have had a Nokia N95 too.
    Nice brick
    It was so advanced when it came out but now I'm using mine as a paper weight. :-)
    04-06-2011 05:18 PM
  25. terminalnonchalance's Avatar
    Htc evo, big and manly...
    04-06-2011 10:52 PM
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