1. caspianx67's Avatar
    Nokia 6310i. Screen was black and white LCD, and it had BT, and rudimentary data transfer capabilities. Most useful for tethering a Palm through BT, and getting web pages through a proxy server that resized all images and compressed text. It dropped out of my hip holster a few weeks ago, and the iPhone replaced it and the aged Palm.
    07-21-2009 04:51 PM
  2. wickedwahine11's Avatar
    A Blackberry 8820.
    07-24-2009 03:39 PM
  3. MyPhone#IM's Avatar
    Siemens SX56 (great intro to smartphones)
    Treo650 (perhpaps Treo's best)
    Treo750 (1 week)
    HTC Hermes (cool phone)
    iPhone 3G (getting better all the time!)
    07-24-2009 08:29 PM
  4. The_strain's Avatar
    Blackberry Bold, HTC Touch Pro, Palm Pre, Now the Iphone 3GS.
    07-24-2009 08:48 PM
  5. tmsmedic's Avatar
    Blackberry Bold
    07-24-2009 10:57 PM
  6. AppleMiami's Avatar
    Came from a backjack II. Definitely happy.
    07-25-2009 03:30 AM
  7. pokpitch's Avatar
    HTC Opal (Viva)
    07-25-2009 12:11 PM
  8. silentz's Avatar
    I had the Treo 750. It was an ok phone, but definitely started to have problems later in it's life. I still have it if anyone wants to buy it.
    07-25-2009 11:01 PM
  9. ericUT's Avatar
    Samsung a940, Htc Tilt, Htc Touch Pro
    07-25-2009 11:08 PM
  10. EmilyMayhem's Avatar
    I had a Kyocera K7 Rave (pay as you go on Virgin Mobile), then a Motorola v220 on Cingular, and then a pink Razr right before Cingular switched to AT&T, and then a Blackjack II in May of 2008, and then my iPhone 3GS.
    07-25-2009 11:31 PM
  11. avanden's Avatar
    Well, I started out back in 2000 with a Nokia 5110 on BellSouth, then got a Nokia 8250 when BellSouth was acquired by Cingular, then went to a Motorola V230-something and then a Motorola V555 or 557 or something... then Cingular changed to AT&T, then I had a Blackberry Curve 8310... and I just got a 32GB iPhone 3GS yesterday!

    07-26-2009 10:33 PM
  12. HappyBunny's Avatar
    I had a Sony Ericsson TM506 3G phone. It is a cool little phone but had some weird glitches in the OS--sometimes it shut itself off or worked very slowly. Like the iPhone 1,000x better!
    07-26-2009 11:58 PM
  13. GSvarner's Avatar
    Blackberry curve 8100 to the iPhone 3GS 16G.
    07-27-2009 02:33 PM
  14. iRo's Avatar
    I had a Blackberry Bold, its am awesome phone but i wanted to go back to an iphone, im happy i did.
    07-27-2009 07:46 PM
  15. cvgz's Avatar
    I had a blackberry curve 8330 with alltel after the merger with verizon I jumped ship to AT&T interesting in a bb bold but I opted for an iPhone 3G and I'm hooked
    07-28-2009 08:16 PM
  16. WesTCoasTMouA's Avatar
    I had a Samsung. I don't know the name it was just an upgrade phone but now I got a baddass phone the Iphone
    07-29-2009 01:02 AM
  17. MainStream's Avatar
    I had a Blackberry 8330 on Verizon. 3 weeks in and I feel as though I'm now acclaimated to the iphone and am very pleased with the product. AT&T's service is not quite as robust as Verizon especically as it relates to 3G coverage, but overall their are very few areas where I don't have decent coverage with the iphone.
    07-29-2009 07:51 AM
  18. blackout128's Avatar
    I had a ATT 8525 made by HTC. God I love that phone. I had it for 2 years. It can do more than a iPhone..but it is slow. Internet sucked, no youtube, touch screen wasn't as smooth as a iphone , but I was used to it. When the 3Gs came out and 3.0 OS, the improvements pushed me over the edge and 1 week later..BAM! iphone owner and loving it.Still miss MMS, can wait for that.
    08-02-2009 08:01 AM
  19. pourme's Avatar
    Samsung Instinct......Worst phone I ever owned!
    08-03-2009 10:28 PM
  20. djbbox's Avatar
    yep don`t ask please yes i said, a helio, a helio ocean wich was back then the hottest text messaging phone out there if you didn`t wanna get an crackberry; come on iphone was not even out back then and it was the only phone with multiple messengers plataforms including gmail wich i love and facebook, did i mention you tube and my space(by the way i canceled my account i promise), full qwerty keyboard and numeric keypad too, it was perfect back then and it worked with sprint network so internet was fast and a joke at the same time the browser was just to die for literately no really i just wanted to kill myself trying to use it. R.I.P helio
    08-04-2009 03:12 AM
  21. javanutsy's Avatar
    I'm just moving to an iPhone now... (Yeah, where have I been?)

    Razr v9 -> iPhone 3GS
    08-19-2009 05:00 PM
  22. erasat's Avatar
    Blackberry 8900 from T-Mobile. Great Phone.
    08-19-2009 05:58 PM
  23. alokeprasad's Avatar
    Treo 650 since the day it came out till 1 month ago.
    08-19-2009 06:55 PM
  24. juls1585's Avatar
    before my 3g i had the 2nd gen. before my first iphone i had the blackberry curve. i sometimes miss my blackberry but its very temporary miss
    08-19-2009 07:04 PM
  25. Acorn#IM's Avatar
    I had a Blackberry storm for about a year. it was a year of hell and aggravation. Then switched to a blackberry curve 8330. This was a decent phone but the blackberry experience wasnt worth the pricetag.

    Now i have an iphone. I love it. web surfing is miles better. i dont need push email, as long as i can check it every once and awhile im happy. I dont use MMS messages. just text so that is fine too. THere is way more apps to choose from, and im always running into someones neat idea on an app thats fun to investigate.

    The only bad thing Ive experienced about my iphone is paranoia of losing it.
    08-19-2009 07:20 PM
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