1. CorvZ061's Avatar
    An LG Rumor. From sprint, of course. Was more than happy to give that thing up. It almost always had no service..
    07-01-2009 07:30 PM
  2. SOV's Avatar
    I had a Motorola RAZR V3 prior to my iPhone 3G.
    lol big step up huh
    07-01-2009 07:42 PM
  3. DaReaper911's Avatar
    Blackberry Storm#4
    07-02-2009 12:07 AM
  4. ryrycalguy's Avatar
    I had a blackberry curve. I really did love my blackberry when I had it but now I know better.
    07-02-2009 12:11 AM
  5. manho1dup's Avatar
    Palm Treo 700w on Sprint before iPhone 3G. Never going back to WM device again.
    07-02-2009 12:12 AM
  6. Suzuku's Avatar
    An LG 360. The step up is huge.
    07-02-2009 01:23 PM
  7. chrisdeckard#IM's Avatar
    Just joined tipb. Switched to the 3GS the day it came out from a Verizon Palm Treo 700p. It's nice to be using a modern phone again.
    07-02-2009 01:50 PM
  8. Fmrnyer32's Avatar
    iphone 3g then a blackberry curve then back to the iphone 3gs
    07-02-2009 03:45 PM
  9. kpurcell's Avatar
    I had a Verizon XV6900 which is basically a Verizon branded HTC Touch. Before that I had a Treo 700w which I hated at the time but after using the touch for a year I liked it much more. Had a treo 600 before that. I miss my hardware keyboard, but the iphone keyboard is the best on screen keyboard between the touch and iphone.
    07-02-2009 03:51 PM
  10. iphonefreak's Avatar
    Was iphone 3g a good choice?
    I had a Verizon Blackberry Pearl. I love the iPhone, not thrilled about AT&T.
    07-07-2009 12:34 AM
  11. VagrantHarmonist's Avatar
    Verizon Blackberry Storm. LOVE my iPhone. AT&T hasn't been so bad thus far....we'll see when i move back up north he he
    07-07-2009 01:35 AM
  12. Scott R's Avatar
    Got my iPhone 3GS 32GB on release day. I got an iPod Touch a few months before that so that I could try out the OS/GUI and see if I would be happy with it before switching from my low-cost Sprint SERO plan to AT&T. I'm sure I'm forgetting something, and I can't remember the exact order of some of these, but here goes...

    Palm OS:
    Treo 700p (Sprint)
    Treo 650 (Sprint)
    Treo 600 (Sprint)
    Treo 300 (Sprint)
    Samsung SPH-i300 (Sprint)
    Kyocera 6035 (Verizon) - returned it within 30 days (color standalone Palm OS PDAs were out, so it was too hard to switch back to B&W)

    Google Android:
    HTC Touch (Sprint) w/Google Android build (not bad)

    Windows Mobile:
    HTC Touch (Sprint)
    HTC Mogul (Sprint) - returned it within 30 days
    HTC 6700 (Sprint) - returned it within 30 days

    Symbian S60:
    Nokia N-Gage (T-Mobile pay-as-you-go)

    Sony-Ericsson T608 (Sprint) - hoped to get by with tethering via Bluetooth to my Tapwave Zodiac
    Motorola StarTac (Verizon)

    Most of my experience has been with Palm OS. Despite trying several times, I was never happy with Windows Mobile. I liked the idea of the Danger hiptop/Sidekick, but T-Mobile service wasn't good in my area, and I didn't like the closed app situation with them, so I never tried that out. I also never tried the Blackberry.

    I'll post more details about my thoughts about the Palm OS, webOS, and iPhone OS/GUI in a separate thread, but I'll just say briefly that there's a lot of usability/efficiency things I like about the classic Palm OS, but webOS is a whole new thing by a different team that wasn't really a part of the "zen of Palm" in the past. Hawkins is gone now and the new team appears to be a bunch of ex-Apple people who created the Palm pre as an iPhone-clone that tried to one-up the iPhone. It succeeds in some ways, falls short in several others, and doesn't respect the good qualities of the old Palm OS, so I look at the Palm of today as a whole new company, for better and worse.

    Perhaps the biggest reason for me going with the iPhone is the wealth of apps available. It's a modern OS/GUI with a ton of apps. If Palm and Google are successful (and I hope they both are), there should be some great choices available in the next year.
    07-07-2009 10:53 AM
  13. thuwun's Avatar
    coming from mosly the t-mobile (Sharp) Sidekick LX and all previous versions (except latest LX 2009) i was loyal to t-mobile for as long as possible.

    Tried these phones but took them back after being disappointed
    T-mobile HTC G-1 android
    Verizon Blackberry Storm
    T-mobile Samsung Behold
    Sprint Motorola Razor V2

    And i'm loving everything about my iPhone 3 GS
    -screen size
    -screen clarity (graphic ability)
    -stable/advanced accelerometer
    -apps (addicting)
    -iChat style sms
    -address book options

    -mass messaging ability w/ check box style
    -actual sms edit, cut and paste ability by letter & word, not just entire sms message

    But overall I am very satisfied!
    07-07-2009 12:18 PM
  14. lindag8r's Avatar
    Palm Treo 700 with Windows OS on AT & T. I have had my iPhone 3G S for 5 days now with no regrets. Changing info over and converting programs from Windows OS to iPhone OS has been without a single issue. I have absolutely no regrets!
    07-07-2009 04:33 PM
  15. jkeith133's Avatar
    Before my iPhone I was a longgggg time BB user. My last was the BB 8800 but had to have half a dozen different models before that. iPhone is the way to go...IMO
    07-07-2009 06:38 PM
  16. rob0tmarv12's Avatar
    I had a blackberry storm..glad i stepped it up
    07-07-2009 06:39 PM
  17. CoryJP's Avatar
    i owned a very sleek Blackberry 8800 ... I loved it but cmon! theres no comparison to the iPhone LOL
    07-07-2009 11:00 PM
  18. idiot_savant's Avatar
    Blackberry bold.
    07-08-2009 02:19 AM
  19. maverick96's Avatar
    Blackberry curve on VZW... Getting the iPhone was almost like advancing 20 years...I LOVE IT!!!!
    07-08-2009 07:34 AM
  20. ctt1wbw's Avatar
    Should we forward this thread to the CEO of RIM?
    07-08-2009 07:43 AM
  21. rviphone's Avatar
    I had a Blackberry Pearl before iPhone.

    now 16gb 3GS
    07-09-2009 06:30 PM
  22. Dalekkiller's Avatar
    I had a Motorola Razr before I switched to a 2G and then 3G. Ideally, I'd like the 3GS as it has video and voice control but I can wait until next year for that. At the moment, I don't see myself using another make of handset as the iPhone does so much for me.
    07-10-2009 07:58 AM
  23. maverick96's Avatar
    Should we forward this thread to the CEO of RIM?

    LOL... this would be very funny^^^
    07-10-2009 08:09 AM
  24. canadu's Avatar
    Nokia N82. I miss xenon flash but welcome a more polished mobile OS. I also miss java
    07-10-2009 08:10 AM
  25. rkbrown81's Avatar
    Motorola Razr V3 (twice, but they were hand-me-downs)
    iPhone 2G
    iPhone 3GS
    07-10-2009 08:54 AM
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