1. schartzr's Avatar
    I had an 1st gen iPhone and didnt like the fact that I had to check my email and at times the edge seemed really slow. So i sold my iphone and bought a blackberry. I love the push email and it is fast enough for me. I have been thinking that I would want the 3G iphone but what I dont like is that i have to pay for Push email. Why do i need to pay for it? That is so Stupid. Also we don't have 3G here in Kansas yet. So what would be differnt? Plus I love my Multimedia messaging. What would you do if u were in my position? thanks in advance for your help and advise.
    07-14-2008 08:24 AM
  2. BB-fan's Avatar
    Yahoo email is push email. I use aol and the email is fast and easy and you get very rich html email unlike the blackberry. You can also set up pull email so it checks for any new email in the amount of time you select such as every 15 mins or every hour or whatever you want. So its almost like push in a sense. Or you can pay for mobile me.
    07-14-2008 08:33 AM
  3. schartzr's Avatar
    Oh I didnt know that yahoo had push email? I wonder if Gmail will get it soon. Well I can switch over to yahoo no problem. that is cool thanks for the heads up.
    07-14-2008 08:40 AM
  4. schartzr's Avatar
    Any one else?
    07-14-2008 11:37 AM