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    OK - I thought I knew what to expect, having played with demos in stores along with other friend's 1st gen iPhones. Bear in mind I'm writing this from a former BB Curve 8310 user stuck on BIS and I'd call myself a "power user" when it comes to smartphones. Already burned through the original battery charge today (I can tell this thing is going to be a major battery pig on 3G) and well into the second just 'cause I can't put the damned thing down long enough to go to sleep.

    This is the greatest fuggin' 'smartphone' I've ever used. Actually, I think "phone" is a misnomer for this thing. More like "very portable data guzzling & distribution device which happens to have voice capability". But that doesn't sound as good as "phone" huh? Where to start? Phone - works great. Was expecting equal to or worse that the Curve. Nah - it's better where I live. Email? ActiveSync is seamless and a no-brainer plus my company supports it. And I can actually READ an email from a co-worker. Try that on a BB even with an add-on HTML app (been there, done that, never going back!). Plus the screen just destroys anything else I've looked at. Yahoo - well, it pushes and you don't think 'bout it. And I can read it.

    Web surfing? Puhlease. Want to see if the Cubs won? One push, bam - yes we scored 3 in the bottom of the 8th. Oh, there are vid clips? MLB put together one hell of an app and a steal at $5 (sorry - no pun intended). Took my curve 2-3 mins over edge for MLB's "shortcut" and you got a crappy interface. Granted, I am on my home wi-fi network but you get the idea.

    Music & video on the crackberry - never bothered - hated the interface, video sucked and I had an iPod. On the iPhone? I almost want to get on a plane this sunday morning just to watch a movie with good earphones (my Shure SE530's). Games? OK, I do miss brickbreaker a little. Full video texas no-hold 'em? Uh, don't remember that on the BB. My girlfriend watched as I downloaded the eBay app, logged in as her and then handed it to her. 20 seconds later her response was "get this damned thing away from me, I'll never get any work done".

    OK, I am going to get another beer and then crash. Let me summarize for my situation (the traveling consulting schmuck - absolutely a big market Apple is going after). Mail? Yep and I love it. Phone - yes, and works well. Exchange, to do apps, etc.? Yes. Can I read a Word doc? yep - and a hell of a lot easier than on the Curve. Music, etc. to stay busy after work? Yep. Splash ID might be the coolest app out there yet and definitely one of the slickest. The Password Vault on BB was functional but this just blows it out of the water. Plus, if you have the desktop app, enter your information there, and the iPhone using Bonjour syncs in about 3 seconds flat. BTW - why hasn't Apple figured out that wireless synching would make us all happy? I might decide to waste $0.99 on iBeer but that just seems a little over the top currently.
    07-11-2008 10:51 PM
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    Well, consider yourself lucky...Considering the INCOMPETENCE of Apple to get yet another iphone off the ground without a hitch. And I'm not even talking about mobileme either.ROFLMAO...
    07-12-2008 12:40 AM
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    Well, consider yourself lucky...Considering the INCOMPETENCE of Apple to get yet another iphone off the ground without a hitch. And I'm not even talking about mobileme either.ROFLMAO...
    Oh, I experienced most of them yesterday. Got to AT&T store early, they were only getting 40 phones max (pathetic), manager was cool enough to take a count of who was getting what, all the 16GB's were gone, so I went home, got my laptop, went to Towson Mall (north of Baltimore) and proceeded to spent 6 hours in line. Activation was at a crawl and 150 people took that long to get through. They couldn't get my phone activated in store, was told to take it home & use iTunes. Missed 2 business calls driving home 'cause AT&T bricked my old Curve as soon as they scanned the iPhone. 5 attempts later at home (about an hour) and I finally got into to iTunes and the phone was up & running around 21:00 so it took me what? 14 hours. Really awful launch and they screwed up almost everything they could probably. And I've become a sniveling Apple fanboy obviously because no sane person would go through all this sh!t just to get a lousy cellular phone - they are a dime a dozen after all! I mean, carriers do give a lot of them away free with a contract.

    Sigh, Step One - Hi, My name's Dave and I admit that I am now powerless over Apple products & the iPhone.......
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