View Poll Results: Which one are you getting 8Gb or 16Gb?

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  • 8Gb

    10 27.03%
  • 16Gb

    28 75.68%
Multiple Choice Poll.
  1. timebomb16's Avatar
    That one is tripping me up too. How should I know how much memory my apps will take up? My current logic is that the Applications folder on my computer is a little over 2GB, which is a crazy overestimate for the iPhone. Assuming I had that many apps on an 8GB iPhone it would leave me 5-6GB. I could live with that much free space on my iPhone, seeing how I have a small music and video collection.
    he bejeweled app on my Mac is 18.2 MB, iChat is 110.4 . . . . so they wont be all that big. but you wont be getting a full 16GB because of everything thats already on the phone (safari, ical, the phone app, ringtones). i would say a good 15.somethin'
    07-09-2008 11:00 AM
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