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  1. BB-fan's Avatar
    Haha I hate to give bad new but no cut and paste. There is an app I believe for this not sure it is out yet.
    08-17-2008 08:23 AM
  2. supermum's Avatar
    I wouldn't mind not having MMS if cut and paste was a feature. I mean, who can ever remember the ID and Password that AT&T gives you in an SMS? The O/0, l/I, it is all so confusing and not user friendly. I typically check them when I get to a computer at home... but by then I have missed the joke. Yes, I know people can email me the photos... but I have two types of friends.. those who get it (young) and those who I am just amazed are able to dial a phone let alone send an MMS. There is no way they will understand the work around and would think I was crazy to suggest it. Fingers crossed for cut and paste (or MMS).
    08-17-2008 10:42 AM
  3. BB-fan's Avatar
    I don't see why both can't be on here. For me personally I find MMS better usage but I did come across only once so far where cut and paste would be good.
    08-19-2008 05:13 PM
  4. Jeremy's Avatar
    I've been attempting to use MMS on the AT&T network with a Treo Pro, let me just say you should all be THANKFUL the iPhone does not have it! I've never had so many issues with a feature before. After 5 calls to AT&T over the past few days it still does not work properly. Either I don't get messages or people I sent them to error out eventually and come back to me expired, etc... Email is the better way to go people. Not to mention way more reliable.

    *Here, all these MMS problems will make you love not having to deal with AT&T's MMS issues... seriously is it that hard to figure out AT&T?

    Message Search - Wireless Forums from AT&T
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    10-15-2008 12:36 PM
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