1. alokeprasad's Avatar
    Background: The $20/mo MediaNet puts the device (still Treo 650 in my case) behind a NAT and does not provide a public IP address. Thefore some features, like Chatter's Exchange push need the more expensive PDA Connect plan.

    I was wondering if similar issues will arise for those who opt for the $30 plan with the new iPhone. I am assuming that this is identical in its setup to the $20 MediaNet, only $10 more expensive to account for the subsidy.

    Summary: What do I lose by choosing the $30 plan instead of the $45 plan?

    06-10-2008 09:41 PM
  2. burnsaa's Avatar
    This is only a guess here but I would say that you should be fine with the $30 plan because that is comparable to the $20 plan that current users have and exchange support will be on the original iPhone as well. I would think that all the beta users in the 35% of fortune 500 companies didn't have to get new data plans with AT&T for the 2.0 testing they have been doing. But then again AT&T is greedy so who knows what's going to happen.
    06-10-2008 11:12 PM