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  1. CoolCowiesClan's Avatar
    Tell me what you think the 3G iPhone should have! I think it should have an integrated camera on the front glass screen for video conferencing. It should have more memory for its price. Flash. For the camera and for Safari. Also, it should have X-Ray. That would be . So tell me what you think!
    06-01-2008 06:51 PM
  2. IrishJK09's Avatar
    My personal list is:

    1. Cut and paste
    2. Universally usable landscape keyboard
    3. Saving web and email images (this is supposed to be coming with FW2.0)
    4. More than one attachment per email I create and send from the device
    5. Hotlinking of phone numbers I put into the "notes" section of an appointment in my calendar. It is really annoying to put a client's phone number in the notes section of an appointment I have with them, and then need to call it, but I can't just press it to do it...

    That's about it really. I don't care much about the MMS "problem" because I am capable of grasping how to do it through email. Video recording would be nice, but I haven't had it on a phone in a long time, and I don't really miss it. Anything else I want is bound to be added by third party apps, so that is my list...
    06-01-2008 08:03 PM
  3. xintelinsanex's Avatar
    I would really like video recording capability. Having 3G and GPS (maybe?) are great editions and I will most probably upgrade.
    06-01-2008 08:08 PM
  4. Reaktor5's Avatar
    Higher megapixel camera, able to record video
    Universal Landscape
    Improved Address Book (Able to put numbers on the home page, different ways to view contacts, search through contacts, etc.)
    Flash in Safari
    Better speakerphone quality/volume
    Standard headphone jack
    32GB model?

    There's a few apps I'd like to see developed too.
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    06-01-2008 08:09 PM
  5. CoolCowiesClan's Avatar
    Yeah, I was gonna put things like "higher megapixel camera" and "copy and paste," i just wanted to see if you guys thought the same thing i thought.
    06-01-2008 09:02 PM
  6. xintelinsanex's Avatar
    Ooo yes, MMS, I would love that. I also like the idea of a standard headphone jack
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    06-01-2008 09:03 PM