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    From Business Week:


    Will this be iPhone late? (Ships last possible moment within deadline). Apple TV late? (Sneaky PR delayed 1-2 weeks after suggested date). Leopard late? (Officially delayed up to 6 month with blame placed on engineers being diverted to Next Big Thing). Vista late? (Features shed and shredded until the wow starts years too late).

    Or is Business Week off-base?

    Apple has never clearly stated what the SDK being "ready" in February means exactly. Ready for what and for whom? First alpha seed for platinum developers (like EA)? RTM for the developer community at large? Something in between?

    And for the average user, does any SDK release really matter, given that developers getting an SDK is very different than completed apps, vetted by Apple, being made available via iTunes for end users.

    Only a week before we know for certain. (Though In typical fashion, Steve Jobs personally made sure this was a leap-year, giving Apple an extra 24 hour buffer before they have to crack the secrecy vault on any of this anyway.)
    02-23-2008 08:25 AM