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    If your Motherboard had dual channel memory support, make sure you install memory in pairs. My expertise is more in the desktop field, so I'm not sure how many laptops support dual channel memory. For example, to get 2 GB install (2) 1GB sticks. It makes a huge difference. For 3GB, you would install (2) 1GB and (2) 512mb sticks.

    I am on Vista 32 bit and run 2GB without an issue. More is generally better, but I wouldn't go less than 2GB.
    07-31-2007 06:30 AM
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    3GB? I'll try it on the new one. I never use 64-bit anyway.

    Most semi-old laptops only go up to 2GB I think. I have a good one from 2005, it has the specs for Vista except for the RAM. I think I can put in 2GB tops.Thanks for the suggestion! :thumbsup:
    Unless you need to run 64-bit server applications, avoid Vista 64-bit at all costs. Just like in XP 64 there's a serious driver deficiency in 64-bit OS's right now, to the extent that you'll be lucky to get sound drivers working, much less all the other peripherals you like to attach to your computer.

    FWIW you can usually get an XP 64 driver to run in 64-bit Vista (sometimes needs some tweaking to let you do it though) but you can't run any 32 bit drivers in Vista64.

    Personally, I'd just avoid Vista entirely until you actually have a program that won't run in XP that you need Vista for. It's unfortunate that you can't buy a retail PC anymore (except online) with XP. Vista's a beast that has yet to be tamed.
    07-31-2007 10:22 AM
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