1. RadMonkeyX's Avatar
    I am thinking about getting an Iphone now. I dont use the phone for business. I just use it for play and personal use. I have a Treo 750 i like, but really like what the iphone has to offer. I have played with an iphone at the apple store and it seems so easy to use and has everything i need and want except personal ringtones(hopefully they are coming).

    I have a psp, ipod, and 750 i could get rid of to have one device that does it all. I only use the psp for movies now. My ipod only has 5gigs of music on it, plus my mother in law just gave me her shuffle she won at work. i can use the shuffle to work out with and mow the yard for easy listening. I realize the iphone does not have games. I can use my DS when i travel. this is why i think the iphone could be perfect. i use the basic stuff on the 750, sms, phone, calendar, email, net, alarm

    just looking for personal opions other than the reviews.

    i guess my questions is, should i wait for an update from apple or go ahead and get it? do you regret getting the iphone, why?

    Thanks for any help
    07-25-2007 12:03 PM
  2. AnteL0pe's Avatar
    I'm not regretting it and i dont expect to see an update in less than 12-18 months.
    07-25-2007 12:36 PM
  3. nmprofessional's Avatar
    Hey RadMonkeyX,

    I had a 5.5G Video iPod and used maybe 5 GB of it. I also had a Treo 700p. I bought an iPhone mainly due to the useable interface and web access and have had it for 3 weeks now.

    The UI is the best. It does everything I need it to do: music, web, phone, addresses and appointments.

    I do use mine for business purposes though and I got burned out from buying Palm app after Palm app trying to get my customer database to work on the Palm. Now I am not tempted on putiing stuff on my Treo that should go on my laptop like CRM data.

    What I do miss though is a secure password application. I used SplashData SecureID and miss it. It took a while to place all of the passwords in my new small USB Flash drive that now houses them (as I did not have the Win app for SecureID just the Palm app). Other than a password store house, I do not miss my Treo.

    Hope this helps.
    07-25-2007 12:45 PM
  4. vinman's Avatar
    I'm not regretting it and i dont expect to see an update in less than 12-18 months.
    Don't quite understand the update statement.

    I DO expect to see an update sooner than later. Apple is going to have to step up their game a bit to pump up the number of iPhones being sold. Eliminating some of the software driven limitations (cut and paste, stereo BT, serial BT, a few more apps, etc) will do wonders for sales. Plus, just releasing an update will encourage purchases simply because the are scores of people wating to buy until after the first update.

    The hit their stock price just took as a direct result of their iPhone sales numbers is going to hopefully be a good kick in the pants for them to provide a little more functionality with the update.

    For the record, I'm happy with the device as is. There are things I'd love to be able to do (the above mentioned list), but all of them combined doesn't make me want to return the iPhone. As long as it lasts through my contract period, I'll be very pleased with it.
    07-25-2007 01:02 PM
  5. cmaier's Avatar
    Even w/o an update, the phone suits my purposes.

    However, i expect an update, and soon. A couple of months before the release, some apple dude, in an interview (zdnet?) said as much. Their strategy is to continually improve the device and leverage off the development flexibility provided by their hardware platform and OS-X.

    If they didn't intend to make improvements and do so frequently, they probably would have made different OS decisions.
    07-25-2007 02:00 PM
  6. AnteL0pe's Avatar
    Oh, we're talking different things. I'm sure there will be a software update that will fix bugs and add features. I dont expect a hardware refresh in the next 10 months though. Their stock price took a hit because the speculation overestimated the number sold, though it prolly wouldnt have risen as high if the actual number had been released earlier. Either way I think their stock is still sitting higher it was than before the iPhone release. If you're wanting certain features i would wait until those are released. There are no guarantees that all/any of the features you want will appear.
    07-25-2007 02:00 PM
  7. cmaier's Avatar
    Ah, yeah, i don't expect a hardware update any time soon, despite what the nutty analysts make up.
    07-25-2007 02:35 PM
  8. braj's Avatar
    Right now I'm waiting to see what the next rev of the iPod will be. If it is a big-screen version with a large HD sans a phone (but hopefully still have wifi/safari) then I'm sold, I can use my Treo for phone, organizer and games and the iPod as a music/video player (and hopefully web tablet).
    07-25-2007 02:38 PM
  9. RadMonkeyX's Avatar
    Good stuff, right now the iphone has everything i really want. Sure, i wish it had MMS with pics and personal ringtones. that i can wait for that, hopefully it will come. thanks for the ideas so far
    07-25-2007 02:43 PM
  10. braj's Avatar
    How could you only have 5GB of music though? The Grateful Dead alone take up 20+ gigs on my HDD
    07-25-2007 02:48 PM