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    My father called me from Boston at 5:45 am pacific time. He was 1st in line for the iphone, and he asked if he could get me one and ship it. I was appreciative, but declined, as I saw that several southern california places got some in for today.

    At 8am, I was third in line a the Century City store. But then someone cam up and said that (for whatever reason), the line was in a different part of the mall, and that 50 people were in line, and that 17 vouchers were handed out.

    So I drive to Manhattan Beach (20 minutes south). Get there at 8:30. But 50 people had been there since 5:30am, and they, too, received vouchers for the 20 phones that came in.

    I call my father back. He calls the local store. They have plenty in stock. He goes back, buys two (one for me, and one for my partner), and they are now being shipped express.
    07-03-2007 12:26 PM